Simple Saturday Dollar Tree Garden Ideas

It is Saturday!  That means it is time to share some easy garden ideas.  I love gardening!  It is definitely something I do to relax.  I am not great at growing food, but I am pretty good at flowers.  Plus, I continue to learn.  I have been wanting an herb garden for some time.  Watch the video below to see a super easy, and cheap herb garden idea.  We will be going on vacation in June, so I won’t be setting this up until we get back.  I don’t trust that my son will remember to water it.  I will be sure to share my results when I do mine.  The first project is super cute too.  I have fairy garden lights, that I bought at Amazon, and they are solar-powered.  The next time I go to Dollar Tree I will get a watering can.  I don’t know if I will paint it.  It will depend on the colors.  The pictures are from my fairy garden with solar lights.  I change it for the seasons.  It is still a work in progress.  I need to get some more tiny plants and some people.  At Christmas, I buy the Dollar Tree village items.  I like to get my tiny plants at Trader Joe’s, but with shopping limits, it hasn’t been worth my time to travel that far to get there.  The image shown is my Spring fairy garden.  I need to start getting items for my Summer fairy garden.

Do you garden?  Will you try some of these projects?  Leave me a comment.

The video is not mine.  I found it on Youtube.

Untitled presentation (20)





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