Low FODMAP and CKD Friendly Hummus

Hummus is celebrated in the month of May.  People who suffer from Chronic Illnesses may not get to enjoy such celebrations.  I have been following Low FODMAP for a few weeks now, due to bloating, stomach pains, and irregular stools.  It has helped me immensely.  But, following it, plus a CKD friendly diet makes it difficult.  I have to do a lot of research and tweaking.  My husband has IBS/Diverticulosis, so I am now doing low FODMAP for all dinner meals, to see how it may help him.  He is hesitant to try foods that seem “healthy,” whatever that means.  He really liked this hummus, and though I was not sure if the texture would work for me, it was quite delicious and the texture was creamy, and light.  Please note, peppers and carrots are lower in potassium than other vegetables, but they do have potassium.  If you are following a low potassium diet be sure to figure up how much you will be consuming.  Most hummus is made with leafy green veggies which are very high in potassium, or chickpeas and cauliflower which are high in phosphorus.

This hummus was extremely easy to make.  It took a total of maybe 20 minutes.  This is low sodium, lower potassium, lower phosphorus, low FODMAP, and low protein food.  The crackers I used, shown in the image, are low FODMAP as they have only 1g of sugars.  Be sure and read labels when preparing your hummus.  The carrots and bell peppers are organic.  While I do not consume a lot of dairies, lactose-free allows me the protein source plus much-needed calcium.

This is not a sponsored post for Nutribullet.  But, I do love mine.  I use it for all kinds of smoothies, and pureed items.


2 cups of carrots.  I used shredded because I had them on hand, it is was easier than chopping.

Red, and Orange Bell Peppers:  About 1.5 cups.  I do not use green peppers as they are only Low FODMAP in small amounts, and they definitely bother me.

I use everything seasoning because that is what I like, and it is low sodium.

Lactose-free cream cheese 2 tsp.


  1.  I roasted the carrots and peppers at 350 for 15 minutes, with the seasoning on them.
  2.  I then put the roasted veggies in my Nutribullet and blended until there were no chunks.
  3. You could stop here if you like that consistency.  It did not work for me, and I wanted a little protein in there.
  4. So, I added 2 tsp of this lovely lactose-free cream cheese.  It made a nice, thick, creamy consistency.  You could always add more, or less to suit your needs.
  5. Serve with crackers or use as a sandwich spread.

Enjoy!  Leave me a comment if you try it, and let me know what you think.  This makes an easy, nutritious lunch for me at work.


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