Metabolism: Part 1

Before I get to the video that I chose for this post, I would like to make a statement about the Soy What post I did.  Soy sauce, I have come to learn, does not actually contain any Isoflavones.  So, it will do me no good to consume it, and since it is quite high in Sodium, I am not sad about that.  However, I will continue to learn about ways to add Isoflavones to my diet to hopefully naturally relieve hot flashes.  Remember I do not digest soy well, so I am probably going to be limited.  I did read Soy Lecithin can work, but I hate to think how much of this preservative I would have to consume.  There has to be a better way.

As I have mentioned previously, I am currently taking two Nutrition courses and a Mindfulness course.  It is consuming a lot of my time and leaving less time to blog.  However, the first Nutrition class is almost done, and the Sports Medicine and Nutrition will be completed within 2 weeks.  Very often when I take these classes it leads me to want to learn more, because there is just so much information to consume, and so much misinformation in the field of Health and Fitness.  Nutrition is such a complex topic.  You probably have heard, especially in the Fitness world that people have a slow, or high metabolism.  Apparently, this is not exactly true and is used mostly as a marketing gimmick.  This leads me to do learn some more about Metabolism.  I will be sharing each week a new one until it is finished.  I like his manner of explaining things, though he talks kind of fast, so pause and rewind if you need to.

One thing that really caught my attention was the Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids.  There are so many expensive supplements for these essential acids, yet they can be found in many foods, and not just fish.  The human body can not actually build new building blocks if these ingredients are not present.  So, they are definitely essential.  I shared a few videos about them as well, below.

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Now, I have to add because I have CKD, and seeds are high in Phosphorus, that if you have CKD, be sure and half the portion size recommended on the package.  Also, I am following LOFADMAP which is working wonderfully for me, but Walnuts are a no-no in too large amounts.  Thank goodness, I don’t really like them, and will add to a smoothie or put on a salad.


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