Love Your Heart: Stress and Hypertension

Updated 2/13/2023

February is Heart health awareness month. This is the third week of Love Your Heart month.  Heart health and awareness should be at the top of your list.  For people with CKD, believe it or not, Cardiac Disease is the top killer.  I put Stress, and Hypertension together in one post because they very much go hand in hand.  I won’t go into all the specifics about stress, but I will share an article that you can read for more specifics.

Stress is a very broad term, and anything can be a stressor.  A stressor is a thing that causes a stress response in the body.  The very top things that cause stress are everyday life matters such as money, marriage, work, illness, family, etc.  For men, and Type A personalities, stress can be especially deadly to the heart.  The report, that I will share, states that men who have 3 stressful life events are more likely to die from a Heart Attack.  If you add smoking, HTN, and high cholesterol to the stress mix, you have a heart disaster in the making.  Plus we all respond differently to stress, and some stress is a good thing, especially if it makes you make real and positive changes in your life.  I am a type A personality, and over the years I have had to learn to say No, know my limits, and not allow my personality to destroy my health.  My job has a lot of stress. I was just offered a promotion, and had the where with all to turn it down, as much as my Type A personality was screaming at me to do it.  Knowing my limits allowed me to say no to something I know deep down will not be good for me.  These are not things that come naturally but are things you can teach yourself, as I did.  It took many years, of being a mother, and a nurse to make me see that my own personality was not helping me.  That doesn’t mean Type B personalities don’t have stress, that is not true.  We all have stress, it is how we cope with it that makes the difference.  If you have no coping skills, other than anger, hostility, or self-hate, then you don’t have good coping skills, and you need to train your brain to have some.  Mindfulness is the first step to reducing all stress.

So, how does stress relate to  HTN?  When you are stressed, remember there are many different types of stress, the body produces a rush of hormones in response to the stressor.  These hormones cause your heart to beat faster, and your blood vessels to constrict, which causes a short-term rise in blood pressure.  Hypertension or HTN is a long-term, or chronic, rise in blood pressure.  Studies have shown that stress, that is not dealt with or allowed to build up over long periods of time, leads to chronic HTN.  HTN is one of the leading risk factors for Cardiac Disease.  So, learning to deal with stress, along with other healthy choices, such as diet, exercise, and cessation of smoking, can all lead to a healthier heart.  For some people the only risk factor they have is stress.

I have other topics in the archives on Stress and Hypertension if you would like to learn more about ways to better cope with those issues.

My disclaimer is short and sweet. None of the information contained in this blog is intended to be medical or nutritional advise. It is for informational purposes only and to start a conversation with yourself, your doctor, or those you love.

Read more about stress here.

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Mindful monday: It’s a whopper!

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Mindful Monday, more directly Mindful Eating. I have been reading up on Mindful Eating vs Intuitive Eating, and while they are similar they are a bit different. I will post more about that another time. Always be aware that my posts are meant to be a discussion, or educational, on topics about Health. Not everyone agrees that we should be Mindful of what we eat, and that is fine, but I disagree. I think we should be very Mindful of what we put into our bodies, whether it is food, or other substances. If this post will upset you for any reason, please feel free not to read it.

When I mindfully eat it is to know how many Macros, and other nutrients I am eating in any given food. My journey to Health will not look like yours, but I think Mindful Eating is important for my Kidney Journey.

Today, I am going to discuss the delicious Whopper. I love Burger King Whopper’s. I just had one the other day, for the first time in a while, and it was delicious. But, was I mindful of what I was eating, or just eating. Actually, I was very hungry, and while I already knew some of the nutrition info for a Whopper I definitely was not eating mindfully. Why? Because if I had been eating mindfully I would have been more aware of the nutrition info, rather than just how hungry I was and the taste of the burger. For me, it all goes together. Now, that doesn’t mean I would have chose to not eat fast food. I may have gotten a Whopper Jr. instead. Along my journey I have come to the conclusion that deprivation accomplishes nothing, and I can have food, even not so healthy options, in moderation. Just to remind everyone, I have stage 3, stable, and slowly improving CKD. I have no dietary limitations except for salt. However, eating mindfully, I feel, helps me to stay stable, and not have CKD progression. Mindful Eating can be used in many ways. Maybe you want to slow down and enjoy your food more, learn to like new textures, or flavors. You may also want to try and eat more food on a whole, or change other food choices such as eating less meat, more veggies, etc. It can be tailored to whatever your specific needs might be.

Nutrition Information for the Whopper without Cheese: This info is from the BK website, and Eat this Much for Phosphorus and other nutrients not listed on BK website.

Calories: 657

Total Fat: 40 grams or 60% of daily value

Saturated Fat: 11.7 grams or 59% of daily value. That is a humdinger of a lot of fat.

Cholesterol: 92 mg or 31% of RDA

Sodium: 983 mg or 41% of RDA If you have CKD this may be close to your daily limit already in just one burger.

Total Carbs: 49 grams

Fiber: 2 grams this is paltry btw

Sugars: 11 grams. Why on Earth would a burger need 11 grams of added sugars? That is over a teaspoon of sugar.

Protein: 28 grams. If you have CKD and have a protein intake set for you, this is important to know.

Potassium: 491 mg again very important to track if you have CKD

Vitamin B6: 21% of RDA

Vitamin K: 48% of RDA that is a lot of Vitamin K IMO in a non-vegetable food source. I am curious about this. If you are on Coumadin you have probably been told to limit foods high in Vitamin K.

Calcium: 12% of RDA. Since there is no cheese on the burger, I am assuming the Calcium is coming from the Sesame Seed bun. Some people with CKD may have to monitor their Calcium intake especially to help prevent Heart Disease.

Iron: 159% of RDA.

Phosphorus: 27% of RDA. The RDA for people with CKD may be lower than for people without CKD, and may need to be tradcked.

Water: 164.2 grams another nutrient super important for CKD people to track. Food has so much water it isn’t just about the fluids you drink.

Now for the ingredients in a Whopper. Apparently, it is right on the wrapper and my unobservant self did not even notice it. But, the ingredients are 100% flame-grilled beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles, ketchup, onions, and a sesame seed bun. In their effort to have a more clean-eating experience in their restaurants, they state there are no artificial ingredients, MSG, or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Those are all very good things, but this food item is still very high in Saturated Fat, Salt, and even has sugar added, apparently. Most likely the sugar is in the Ketchup or the bun.

I will still enjoy a Whopper now and then, but I will enjoy it mindfully, I hope.

If you would like to learn more about Mindful Eating may be able to help you meet your eating lifestyle goals, use the contact form after the images to send me an email.


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warning! i am mindfully aware that i am in a bad mood!

Happy Mindful Monday! Today was absolutely not the day I had planned. I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get done related to blogging and a new Health Challenge for April, plus my April giveaway. But, yes if you guessed by the tone of my title it did not go as planned.

I work second shift. I always eat my dinner in my car because I listen to news and just generally relax. I always lock my car, always. But, I was distracted last night as I was very busy and had a lot on my mind to complete before I went home. I must have not payed attention and left my car unlocked. Some Bozo just happened to be checking cars in the parking lot and found mine open. I assume that anyways, because the doors didn’t look tampered with. Stole my whole cooler lunch bag which just happened to have my wallet in it. Then they went on a spending spree. Now you might be asking why I don’t bring my wallet into my job. We don’t have lockers and there have been thefts there as well, apparently. Anyway to make a long story short, I waited 2 1/2 hours after my shift ended for the police to show up, and while I was quite annoyed I had to wait that long, it was quite worth it. Because I was patient and waited for the police report, I didn’t have to pay to have my license replaced and the bank will probably be able to get my money back. They were caught on camera at a Target using my bank card and they even tried to overdraw a bank card that was no longer active. So, I am hoping they will get caught. I have never had my purse, or wallet stolen, or had my car broken in to. It is a horribly feeling and I felt very vulnerable last night.

I didn’t get much sleep and had to start the day with cancelling cards, ordering new cards, trying to figure out what else of importance was in the wallet. I actually have two wallets, one with the real important stuff, and then one I carry to work in case I ever have an emergency at night on the way home. So, now I won’t be doing that either. I will carry 20 dollars and that is it. I am also considering a car alarm as well. There have been other incidents, apparently, at my job that I was not aware of.

So, yes I was in a bad mood all day. But, I experienced it and I learned from it. I made sure my daughter was aware and participated in the mess I had to clean up in hopes that she will be Mindful of paying attention to locking her car, her surroundings and not carrying items of value to soft targets. I still have a few loose ends to tie up, but for now it is over. I am happy for that. But, I am not going to lie. I am mindfully aware that I don’t feel all that comfortable going back to work.

My April Health Challenge and April coaching giveaway will be posted sometime this week. It may not be on the 1st though. I have a lot of catching up to do now.

Do you practice Mindfulness? How do you use it to help you in difficult situations?

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10 ways to be happy for an hour!

Happy Self Care Saturday! Today is also International Earth Day. There is an old Chinese Proverb about being happy. I have adapted parts of it to suit my self care needs. Below are 10 ways you can be happy for an hour. Happiness is key to Self Care though everyone may have their own definition of what it means to be happy and whether it is achievable. To me happiness is a state of feeling free of stress, burdens, worry, strife, work, demands, etc.

  1. I think lots of people will agree with this. If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap. I am not a good napper, especially for only an hour, but just lying quietly with my eyes closed and resting is wonderful. I don’t have to actually fall asleep. That generally just makes me feel icky.
  2. Take a walk in nature for an hour. Not a sweaty, heavy breathing exercise kind of walk. A peaceful, slow, gentle walk someplace you find beautiful and quiet. This could be anywhere. You also don’t have to walk the whole time. You can sit and appreciate your 5 senses, sight, hearing, smells, touch, and taste. Be sure you are not on your phone, and it is silenced, and that you are either walking with someone who is quiet and not talkative, or take your dog.
  3. Volunteer for an hour. We volunteer once a week at a dog rescue. Helping dogs rescued from shelters that may be kill shelters, or have been abandoned and unloved is so rewarding. If we lived closer I am sure we would do it more often.
  4. If you are more of a sociable person make sure to set aside an hour at least weekly to be with family or friends. If it can’t be in person then do a video chat, or talk on the phone. If you are more of an introvert this may not be your best option.
  5. Get a massage or mani pedi.
  6. Do gardening. If you have not learned the art of gardening and how wonderfully happy it can make you, then you are missing out. Getting your hands dirty and learning to grow your own food or beautiful flowers makes me very happy. Plus today is Earth Day.
  7. Treat yourself to a meal out, order in, or have someone else cook for a meal. You may not do this daily, but at least weekly. Check out Meals With Melissa.
  8. If you can afford this hire a maid for an hour a day, or even an hour a week. I know that would make me happy.
  9. I know this one is weird but I am really quite happy cleaning my pool. Maybe it is because I get the warm sun on my skin, no one is bothering me, no phone, no kids, no husband, just me and the pool. During the Summer months I clean my pool everyday.
  10. Try being crafty. I know people say they are not crafty or artistic, but you may surprise yourself. An hour a week, or daily if you can, may make your very happy. Some things you may not have considered as crafty are: learn to play an instrument, paint, draw, crochet, knit, pottery, photography, writing, learn a new language, learn sign language, computer graphics such as create an app, glass etching, and so many more I may not have thought of.

I am sure there are others that I didn’t include, exercise or going for a motorcycle ride comes to mind. What is your favorite way to be happy for an hour? Share in the comments.

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It’s Your heart Attack! Dealing with difficult people

Welcome to Thinking on Thursday! As I complete my Mindfulness Certification it becomes more clear that the only way to deal with difficult people is to control our own responses. There are difficult people everywhere. I would say in the work environment is where you would encounter difficult people the most. But, it can also be in families, friends, or just in the general public. There are two videos below. The first one is very good in talking about why we should learn to deal with difficult people. He very frankly states because it is your heart attack. We have all heard the phrase, stress kills. Stress management is a very important skill to have. Stress manifests in other ways besides a Heart Attack. Stress can cause stomach pains, ulcers, headaches, high blood pressure, missed work days, productivity issues and so much more.

Difficult people are everywhere. I encounter them all the time at work. I have been a nurse for 34 years and I have worked with all types of personalities. But, one must also take into account that they themselves may be a difficult person. I know I can sometimes be perceived as difficult, because I am persistent and ask questions. But, I am not trying to be difficult. I am just looking for answers to whatever I am passionate about at the time. I have had to learn to control this behavior of my own to build better and stronger relationships. Self awareness is the first step to any good relationship. Sometimes it is just an immaturity issue and other times it is a personality, domineering, manipulative type of issue.

So, what makes a person a difficult person?

1- It is all about them. They tend to be dramatic, loud, demanding and yes persistent. They tend to be the person who shares their whole life story, and it is similar to a soap opera. The whoa is me, poor me, type of person.

2- They never give favors without payback. They will always expect something in return for a good deed. There is no random acts of kindness for this type of person.

3- They live in a pity party. This goes back to the poor me, whoa is me, type of person. They are always a victim if you will. They are very skillful at manipulating others.

4- They whine, complain and gossip. This type of person is never going to be happy no matter what you do. I am sure you know at least one type of this person. They are in everyone’s business and make it a point to gather information from everyone, and anyone. They will later use any info gathered for their own advantage. This is a truly toxic type of person.

5- Last but not least the person who lives in their own little world of make believe. There is little reality to how they perceive the world.

Now, with all that said all of us can fit into these labels at one time or another in our lives. We can all be difficult and it all comes down to how we perceive the world and others, and then react to those perceptions.

So, how to deal with difficult people and avoid the stress, tension, conflict and yes even a Heart Attack?

1- Be self aware to how you are reacting to the person that is being difficult. Take note of your heart rate, breathing pattern, sweatiness, tension or any other reactions you are feeling. Take a deep breath and clear your thoughts. Be sure you are not making it worse by your reactions. This is hard, I know. How we react to people is just as important as their behavior.

2- If you need to take a time out, or walk away, do so. You can say I will be back in a minute. Or if it is something you can just walk away and ignore do so.

3- Deflect or distract away from the behavior or conversation.

4- Restate back to them what they are saying, but in a different way. Such as I am sorry you feel like, whatever it is. Or did I offend you when I did this? What have I done to offend you? Etc Good communication keys are vital to any relationship.

5- Try to see their point of view, or perspective, without agreeing with them if it is something you can not agree with.

6- Ask them to consider a time out, or walk away, if they continue to escalate.

7- Set boundaries and stick to them. This is especially difficult in the work place. I am often told I am not friendly enough at work because I do not share my family life beyond basics with anyone. I believe work relationships be exactly that work relationships, not personal relationships. This just keeps the boundaries clear especially if you are in a management, or supervisory role. My coworkers know they can talk to me about anything they need help with, but that it will be professional, not personal.

8- Don’t be part of the problem. What do I mean? If a difficult person has provoked you or said things about you, don’t retaliate. Don’t return their favor by doing the same. If you are being harassed, or bullied, however, then you need to follow the chain of command at your work place and make sure it is in the written record.

The two videos below are excellent and further explore this issue. Never think that you are not being difficult too. It often goes both ways.

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it’s a new day. Are you ready to tackle your health goals?

Updated 8/5/2021

As I mentioned in previous posts I am revamping my coaching plans. I do this yearly to consolidate the plans and make them more targeted. As I continue to learn and grow they become better. I am also editing older posts to add my Mailchimp newsletter option and update any necessary info. This all takes a lot of time and new posts may be only weekly for a bit. I am looking at other options as well, such as creating some videos, especially for cooking with CKD. I think a lot of people just don’t know how to cook, or don’t think they have time to cook. I would say cooking and preparing your own meals is the #1 way to prevent and or get chronic diseases under control. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you never miss out on any posts. I am also working on different freebies for newsletter subscribers and special offers. I have tons of handmade items from my closed Etsy shop, just too time consuming when trying to get this going, and I may do some monthly contests for subscribers.

What does the It’s A New Day Plan look like? It’s a new day, and it’s time to meet your Health Goals, via tackling your goals head on and creating new healthier habits.

1- You can purchase the plan using the Paypal button below. You must live in the USA, at this time to be a client of Health Buddy Melissa. I need to read the laws of other countries before I can take that task on. You must be 18 years of age, or older. Please note my Paypal is old, and verified. I have had it for like 20 years. It is in my husband’s name, but it is completely mine. Once I receive notification of payment, within 48 hours I will send you a welcome email with an intake assessment for you to complete. All of my business emails are through Google Suite and are secure. If you use the contact form or leave a comment that goes to my Yahoo email. In your welcome email you will receive dates and times that I am available to review your intake assessment. You will need to choose one and put it in the return email with the intake assessment form. After I receive that we will meet via email, text, or via a phone call for us to review of your intake assessment. I don’t do video chats at first. You will need to decide the format. You will need to be on time for the assessment review. I will wait no longer than 15 minutes. The assessment review is completely free. You will have 48 hours after that to decide if you want to work with me to reach your health goals. If you decide yes we will proceed to the next step, if you decide no, your money will be refunded to you. All new one on one coaching customers must begin with the It’s A New Day plan. Your 30 days begins at the time of your first coaching session.

2- After the meet and greet, if you decide to work with me I will then send you a calendar of available dates and times for you to choose your coaching sessions. You will also receive privacy forms and a user agreement that will need to be signed and returned prior to the first session. Be sure to read the user agreement, which is your contract to do business with Health Buddy Melissa, carefully. It will contain all of the fine details.

3- You can choose between 1 session a week, 2 sessions a week, or 3 sessions a week. The prices for each will be outlined below. The sessions are done via email, phone chat, text or Instant Messenger. You will need to decide your platform. The very first session is where you will decide what goal you want to start with. Some examples could be better eating habits, better sleep, exercise, weight management, stress relief, pain relief, quit smoking, learning to cook, menu planning, time management, better food choices for your chronic illness, blood pressure, cholesterol, gut health etc. I will send one reminder before each session for your upcoming session. It is your responsibility to show up and be prepared for your session. Each session is 30 minutes long. It is your responsibility to respect this time frame. I can be flexible with dates and times because I also work out of the home 3 days a week. I understand not everyone can do a Monday to Friday 9-5 coaching schedule.

4- At the end of the 30 days, whether you have showed up for all of your sessions or not, the plan will end. You will be given the option to renew for another month, or terminate services. If you join my mailing list, below, I frequently offer savings on my coaching services. My target audience is middle aged women and men. If you would like to ask questions prior to purchasing a package, please use the contact form under the image. The questions will go to my Yahoo email.


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is society obsessed with body size?

Welcome to Monday, and February! I hope everyone finds themselves well on this freezing cold day here in Florida. I am seriously starting to think I really don’t live in Florida.

So, what do you think, is society obsessed with body size? I say absolutely and if you watch the video below you will see that throughout history it always has been. However, what makes it different now is social media. 24 hours a day, seven days a week people can post their likes, dislikes, judge, give rude comments, project from their own flaws onto others, etc. A lot of what society has found body size attractive through the years has been based on men and their fantasies. Why would women care, especially after the Women’s Movement, what men think of how a woman should look? But, it is way beyond that now. Women are shaming women now, both for being too thin, and too fat. Why are women doing this to other women? Is there a shortage of viable partners that we have to cut each other down based on our opinions of what is attractive, beautiful or perceived health? The fact that we have all these hours in a day to bring people down, rather than raise them up, doesn’t say much for society and productiveness. But, I think it goes even farther than that. People do this in part because there is the potential to get attention and also to make money. Now people don’t have to look at it, obviously, but there is a kind of addictive behavior attached to social media it seems.

That brings me to a question posed to me on Pinterest. I get interesting messages both here and on Pinterest. Most of the time they are spam, or strange men looking for some kind of strange relationship that has nothing to do with Health Coaching. That is another good question to ask. Is any attention better than no attention? I don’t know I have to think about that one. So, I was asked why do I want to lose weight? I am still not sure exactly why they were asking as that was all the question was, in reference to my Lose Weight With Melissa subscription plan. Maybe they were going to refer me to some product they were pushing to sell I don’t know. First of all let me say that plan is meant to be encouragement to anyone struggling with weight loss, or who has CKD and wonders about losing weight. What works for me may not work for others, but it also might. It might give them the encouragement they need to begin a weight loss journey. It may help someone to see that one on one coaching may be a better fit for them as well, to lose weight. 1- I am not body insecure. Yes, I have some jiggly bits that I would like to see go away, and that is why I set exercise goals. 2- losing weight is so much more than body image. I choose to lose weight because actual studies with facts show that losing weight can improve my kidney function. Since a main goal of mine is to get back to stage 2, losing weight is a huge part of that objective. 3- Actual studies with facts show that anybody who is obese has an increased risk of chronic diseases in their future. BMI is not a perfect tool, nor is it meant to be the end all be all to measuring someone’s overall health. But, it is a tool, and a good tool. It is a frustrating tool as well, especially since most doctors do not even consider other tools in the shed to monitor overall health. I can understand that frustration that many people have. 4- I find most people don’t want to know truths and facts they want to feed their denials and fantasies instead. 5- Eating real food and changing our eating lifestyle is a major goal for me and my family. 6- I have no interest in people promoting Fad Diets, herbal pills, or other whacky weight loss gimmicks to me, or my readers. I work in facts and I know that real sustainable weight loss takes time and effort. It is a marathon not a sprint.

No one likes to be body shamed, told they are fat, or too thin. Neither do people like to feel they have to answer for every single decision they make in life. I suppose some people like that or they wouldn’t put their personal life out there for the whole world to see. Having a weight issue, whether too much or too little, is hard enough on the psyche as it is. Unless you are an expert on the topic, which most people are not, then you are just passing your opinions, beliefs and projections onto others, then you should probably just say nothing and worry about your own issues. We all have issues, by the way. whether you believe it or not. If you think you are free from flaws then that is an issue. On the flip side no one likes to be told they are ignorant, or stupid. None of these tactics work for most people. You have to approach these things with love, kindness and actual facts. Then you have to provide a way forward that will actually help. If you can’t offer that, or you only offer things that make money and don’t really work in the long run, then you are part of the problem not the solution.

We are all different that is what makes us all beautiful. Reach out a hand in loving support rather than pointing the finger of shame. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

There is so much more that goes into this very broad topic. Self image and self confidence are such a fragile part of humanity. Think how much more humane we could be if we just accepted each other as we are. Be Mindful and think before you speak about people.


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how to be a mindful voter!

Welcome back to Mindful Monday. If you read this blog then you know I am finishing up a Mindful Practitioner course. Mindfulness is simply put being in the moment right now, and feeling the whole experience. It is not meditating or escaping from a situation you are in, but rather learning to accept the experience in a non judge mental loving way, and learn to deal with these situations. It also encompasses learning about voting issues, registering to vote, etc.

What does that have to do with voting? If you are in the USA then you should know by now it is a Presidential Election year. Does voting stress you out? If yes, why? Maybe you don’t know where to vote, how to vote, if you even can vote, etc. Maybe you don’t feel like you know enough about the situations and candidates. Some people vote strictly by party or by who or what their parents or friends tell them to vote for. This method of voting is OK, but it is kind of the opposite of Mindful Voting. I personally do not like to discuss politics nor do I care for people to know how I vote. It is personal and private to me. Plus, it keeps me in a peaceful mood, lol. Sometimes, I post things on social media that people assume I vote one way or another. Most of the time it is simply just to provoke a conversation, or to save for me to read later. But, you can’t change people and their rush to judgement and labels. That is where Mindful Voting comes in for me. I want to know the facts, not people’s opinions, or who and what they are voting for. It does not sway me in any way shape or form. I vote according to what I feel is best for the whole country, not just myself and my personal self interest. Now, that does not mean my way of voting is any better than anyone else’s. If you are voting at all then you deserve a hats off.

As a woman I feel it is shameful if women don’t vote. Women fought so hard for the right to vote for women, and the same goes for African Americans and other minorities. Maybe you feel your vote doesn’t matter, or no one cares. Voting is the number one powerful tool citizens have to keep the government in check. They are very good at suppressing the vote making voters think and feel their votes really don’t matter. Don’t let that work. Vote! Even if others disagree with your vote, vote anyways! I homeschool my children and I stressed to them that as American Citizens their number one duty is to vote! My son is 20 and has been voting since age 18. I have one more to go, and I hope she will follow the same route. I do not ask them who they vote for. I don’t really care. They are the future and their votes will lead this country into the future.

How to vote mindfully?

1- Register to vote! Nothing can be accomplished if you are not registered. Call your local county Supervisor of Elections, or visit their website to see what steps need to be taken to register. Each state is different so be sure and check early enough to get registered in time.

2- Once you are registered, and have received your voter ID card, decide if you will vote in person, or by mail. With Covid many people are requesting mail in ballots. I have voted by mail every year I have voted. Again, be sure you know deadline dates from the Supervisor of Elections website, not by mailers coming in the mail. You may be surprised that politicians will do anything to win including misleading and suppressing the vote.

3- Start researching candidates and issues on the ballot. I like Ballotpedia, of course I still have to research each issue and see what I feel is best. Visit each candidates website to learn what they stand for, and how they will accomplish things.. Also look at their records from the past. Politicians make lots of promises to get elected, and that does not mean those things will happen. If you need to learn more about how the US Government works, there are plenty of free websites to learn about it. You can visit Joe Biden’s website, and Donald Trump’s website. Don’t forget about Senators, Representatives, Judges, Sheriffs etc. You can review all of that info online. Again, I use Ballotpedia.

4- Be sure to mail back your ballot by the post mark due date. Mark your calendar for election day, which is November 3 in 2020. Many states have early voting days, some on weekends, to accommodate all voters.

5- When you show up to vote in person make sure you have your ID with your legal signature on it. If you are unsure of what types of ID is allowed ask your Supervisor of Elections ahead of time. Don’t forget to bring a mask or face covering.

6- Vote and feel like the awesome Citizen you are. Then go home and wait for the results. That is part of the fun, in my opinion.

Voting doesn’t have to be stressful. Be Mindful and in the moment. Make it your own, not what others want or think, and enjoy the process.

If you would like to learn more about how Mindfulness can help you in everyday life, use the contact form at the bottom of this post to message me.


My Health Coaching Word Cloud

So, I am not super great with making tech graphics. But, I had seen where some businesses were making word cloud type graphics for their business. So, I put one together for what I would like my potential clients to know about my goals for them, and how a Health Coach can help them. Obviously everyone makes their own goals, and the coach helps them reach them. But a set of words describing how my unique set of skills can help coach someone seemed like a good idea. As a Holistic Health Coach the whole body is encompassed in coaching to reach a balance and harmony in all aspects. I hope everyone has a blessed weekend. Mine has already started out kind of crazy.

My coach cloud helps describe how a Holistic Health Coach can help you, and what a coach can do for you.


Simple Saturday Dollar Tree Garden Ideas

It is Saturday!  That means it is time to share some easy garden ideas.  I love gardening!  It is definitely something I do to relax.  I am not great at growing food, but I am pretty good at flowers.  Plus, I continue to learn.  I have been wanting an herb garden for some time.  Watch the video below to see a super easy, and cheap herb garden idea.  We will be going on vacation in June, so I won’t be setting this up until we get back.  I don’t trust that my son will remember to water it.  I will be sure to share my results when I do mine.  The first project is super cute too.  I have fairy garden lights, that I bought at Amazon, and they are solar-powered.  The next time I go to Dollar Tree I will get a watering can.  I don’t know if I will paint it.  It will depend on the colors.  The pictures are from my fairy garden with solar lights.  I change it for the seasons.  It is still a work in progress.  I need to get some more tiny plants and some people.  At Christmas, I buy the Dollar Tree village items.  I like to get my tiny plants at Trader Joe’s, but with shopping limits, it hasn’t been worth my time to travel that far to get there.  The image shown is my Spring fairy garden.  I need to start getting items for my Summer fairy garden.

Do you garden?  Will you try some of these projects?  Leave me a comment.

The video is not mine.  I found it on Youtube.

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