Fun Friday, Onions!

I was researching a topic on onions, and food affordability and I came across a Youtube video of a husband and wife trying weird foods from their followers when they were kids. I have a fun story about onions as a weird food from my childhood, and that is how I got to add it to Fun Friday.

When I was a kid we ate raw onion sandwiches. Yep, just raw onions on white bread with mayo, and salt and pepper if you wanted it. Yes, we were somewhat money deprived when I was a kid, but that is not why we ate this strange meal. If we got a cold, flu, or other respiratory ailments my mom had us eat these onion sandwiches to help us feel better and get better quicker. I don’t remember if it worked, but I do remember eating them when sick. My husband used to eat cheese and ketchup sandwiches, which to me is just gross, lol.

What weird food combinations did you eat as a child? Share in the comments.

I was researching affordable foods that are healthy as well. Spinach and Kale probably come to mind. But, I was surprised to see onions on the list. I love onions. I eat them raw, cooked, and caramelized are my favorite, and all onions too. If onions are just too strong for you try shallots, chives, or green onions. This reminds me I have a bunch of green onions in the freezer from last fall that I need to use in some recipes. I can not think of one dish that I make that I do not use onions in.

From a CKD perspective, onions are an excellent food item. They add tons of flavor to dishes so that you can use less salt. Onion and garlic together are even better.

I prefer Vidalia sweet onions, but red onions are supposedly the healthiest. Red onions are a staple of the Mediterranean Diet. I also like white onions, and yellow onions would be the last on my preference list.

According to my Walmart app, onion prices are as follows.

  1. Sweet onions 3 lb bag 3.68
  2. Red onions 3 lb bag 3.98
  3. White onions 3 lb bag 4.28
  4. Yellow onions 3 lb bag 2.98

For a while onions were ridiculously expensive and I am happy to see the prices have come back to normal.

For the price, onions provide tons of flavor, vitamins, and minerals. They even have a small amount of protein and fiber.

The video below will tell more about the great health benefits of onions.

Happy Fun Friday! Enjoy your weekend.

My disclaimer is short and sweet. Nothing on this blog is intended to be medical or nutritional advice. It is for informational purposes and to spark a conversation.

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