March Health Challenge

Since I am still getting back into the groove of regular blogging, I forgot to write about last month’s challenge. A health challenge does not just mean diet and exercise. For the month of February, I challenged myself to de-clutter all of my electronics of old photos, files, emails, etc. Every day I de-cluttered at least 20 things from my electronics. As the weeks went along I found I was just doing more each day because it felt good to get rid of all that saved stuff.

For the month of March, I am challenging myself, and my readers, to do pushups every day. A woman of my age, ahem 53 should be able to do anywhere between 7 and 10 pushups. That sounds like a joke, right? 7 pushups. But, if you don’t do pushups, trust me 7 is a lot. Below, you will see a video for a starter pushup, or for people who can not get on the floor, or have shoulder issues. If you find you can do these easily you can modify them as the video states, or move them to the floor. Once on the floor, you can start on your knees before working up to a full pushup. Men in my age group should be able to do 10-12 pushups. You can see the chart of pushups here to find how many you should be able to do.

Pushups strengthen your arms and core. They can help improve strength for everyday activities of daily living such as carrying your own groceries, mowing the grass, picking up grandbabies, etc.

I challenge you to do 10 pushups every day. If you have a day where you are already doing some heavy work, such as I did today raking, then skip that day. An injury is not the goal. Strength is the goal. If you can’t do 10 build up to 10 by the end of the month. If you feel pain, stop, and rest a day, or more if needed. If you have been told by your doctor not to do such activities then don’t. If you are sedentary, which means you do no physical activity at all, talk to your doctor first.

I will be doing 10 a day and hopefully work up to 14 full push-ups on the floor. I will let you know at the end of the month how it goes. You can let me know in the comments if you are joining in.

My disclaimer is short and sweet. None of the information on this blog is intended to be medical or nutritional advice. It is for informational purposes only and to spark a conversation.

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