all parents need to see this!

Before I jump into the main topic I wanted to mention a couple of updates to other topics. Yesterday, I announced the herb for December, and it is dill. Last night I shredded some cabbage, remember I have 3 pounds of it, and made some simple sugar free coleslaw. I decided to add a little dill at the last minute just to see how it would taste. You guys it was so delicious and flavor packed. I only put like a tablespoon in it. We will see if my husband likes it. I know my teen won’t even try it. Also, I like to share affordable lunch or dinner ideas, that are healthy. I had some chicken stock in the fridge. So, for lunch today I warmed it on the stove, scrambled two eggs and added them to the stock. Then I chopped up some scallions from my garden and put them in, and chopped some frozen spinach I had in the freezer. After about five minutes of cooking I had a delicious, filling and healthy soup. My husband even liked it!

My regular readers know by now that I am a homeschooling mom, and I have been working on a very particular Nutrition course for my teen. The topic this time is childhood obesity. My teen is not obese, or even overweight. But, she makes horrible food choices when given the chance. She can still get obese later in life, have cancer, or any other number of chronic conditions from poor food choices. The video below was an eye opener for me. I knew some of the info provided, but some of it is shocking. I think if my child was in the public school system and had access to all of those awful food options she might be overweight, or obese. Getting kids to eat healthier should be a priority for the government, not allowing all this crappy food to be served. I love Jamie Oliver, btw, and if you need quick healthy meal ideas check out his Youtube channel.

I am not suggesting that kids never be allowed junk food, or to make bad choices. That is how they will grow and learn. But, when junk food is the only choice, or a much bigger and better choice they are not going to choose healthy foods. Most adults don’t. Why would kids?

It is kind of a long video, but I urge you to watch it, and then I urge you to watch it again with your children. Start a conversation and start with small changes and make new habits. New habits can take a while, up to six months, but once it is a habit it is hard to break. For example, I made it a goal for 2020 to walk 10,000 steps every single day. At first it was daunting, but I started by getting up and walking 250 steps every hour. That really is not that far. Now I walk an average of 650 steps every hour for 10 hours out of a day, and I meet my 10,000 steps every single day. Why? Because it is a habit. I just do it. I have Halloween candy, delicious milk chocolate candy, sitting in my dining room, but I haven’t had a piece in weeks. Why? Because I have trained my brain into the habit of not wanting it, or craving it. I can sit and look at it and not even want it. Now, if I do want a piece, I have a piece and I just track the carbs, and subtract carbs from somewhere else. It can be done! We all can do it!

Now, I do have to say I had a homemade brownie this morning with 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream, and it was delicious. But, that is my treat for the day, and I have tracked the carbs, and I am good for the rest of the day for treats.

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