Funny Friday, Halloween Scares!

We are coming into that time of year, Halloween. Have you started to decorate yet, or get in the Fall season. I have not yet. I am unsure of how I want to decorate this year. I love Fall themes, and Thanksgiving, but my Fairy Garden grew all in with Ivy this year, so none of my little houses and such are visible. I may start another one in a different spot, but I am not sure.

There is nothing like a good laugh to get your weekend started, and you might just get some good ideas. My son, and husband, are pranksters, and like to scare us as well. I do think some of these are kind of cruel to do to very young children. I also find it interesting that no one swore. I swear, trust me. Also, only like two or 3 people fought back and 2 of them were children. The secretary got it 3 times. Watch the Husky, too. It is not very long, and I laughed hard enough to tear up.

Be careful when you scare people, there could be unintended consequences.

My work schedule is changing this weekend. So, my Saturday and Sunday posts will probably become more rare. I will try to do them ahead of time, and schedule them.

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