Medical Monday: Menopause!

Welcome back to another month of new Medical Monday topics. If you read here often, you know this blog is focused a lot on health, wellness, tips, plus CKD.

Chances are very good that you are either a woman, or you know a woman. I am sure you have heard all of the stereotypes about hysterical women and Menopause. This month I will discuss Menopause and how it can affect everyone’s wellness, not just a woman’s.

I watched a ton of videos on Menopause last night until I found one that explains it in a sensible but educated way. The video, a TED Talk, is just a basic introduction to the topic of Menopause. Watch for future posts and how Menopause affects women and their well-being.

If there is a subtopic related to Menopause that you would like me to talk about, leave me a comment, and I will consider it.


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Let’s Think About This

Hello, and welcome back to another #ThinkingonThursday topic. I have not done one of these in a while, because I have been thinking, lol. So, why do I write about these hot topic issues? There are several reasons.

  1. This is a Health blog and the things I choose to think about are related to Health.
  2. Writing on this blog helps me to clear my mind and get my thoughts out. This brings me stress relief and allows me to fall asleep easier at night.
  3. It is important,

Today, I am going to discuss the issue of whose fault it is that Covid has gotten so out of control. This is meant to make myself, and my readers think about this topic. It is not meant to turn into an argument or hate filled rage. That is part of the problem, actually. We live in such a reactive society that we can’t even have a civil discussion anymore. I can be just as passionate and loud as anyone else, but I also realize that is not always the best way to communicate.

So, who is to blame? China, Trump, Biden, The Media, Influencers, everyday citizens?

  1. China. There are lots of mumblings about China purposely putting Covid out to the world. While it is true most countries dabble in Biological Warfare, as does the USA by the way, there has been no actual proof that China intentionally released Covid onto the world.
  2. President Trump. I think it is quite easy to make the argument that President Trump totally botched the handling of this pandemic. He was more interested in money, and the economy, than actually understanding the concept of a Novel virus and what that means to a society with no immunity to it. Now, he did rush the vaccine, and it was done in breakneck speed. You could argue that is both good and bad. On one hand if enough people took the vaccine the virus would have no other viable host to live in. But, the speed of the vaccine has also left people hesitant to take something that was created that quickly. I don’t think that is President Trump’s fault, though. Experts who actually study human behavior should have seen this coming, in my opinion. I think you can’t overlook the fact that HHS and CDC also played a role here, because from an outsider perspective it appeared that they put their high income positions above the good of the people when they did not stand up to President Trump, at least not effectively. But, again I am only seeing how I perceive this when they could have easily had the thought process that they would be sidelined and have no access to give any information to the public.
  3. President Biden. He had the perfect opportunity to use the Department of Labor, through OSHA, to mandate Health guidelines for businesses to protect the labor force. In May he decided not to do that, and instead only made the requirements mandatory for Health Care businesses. This was a huge mistake. Now employers don’t actually have to protect their employees, or require their employees to protect other employees. This was a big fat blunder, and now he is seeing the consequences. People making minimum wage don’t want to return to work to possibly get sick and hospitalized, or worse dead. With no health insurance for most low wage workers the bills that could pile up from just one illness for one member of their family, never mind several, is staggering. Child care was an issue for many. So of course lets get every child back in school so mothers can return to the work force, but lets not protect those children, which OSHA guidelines would have required of schools which is a business. Now, in some states parents are fighting for the right to have their children not wear masks in schools. Did anyone ask these poor children if they would rather be protected instead of sick? I understand children don’t have the right to necessarily make their own medical decisions, but come on this premise is a bit absurd for this particular virus and topic.
  4. The Media. Just like everything else the media wants you to click on their articles, watch their shows, and read what they write. Why? To make money, or win a Pulitzer or whatever. They are not always interested in facts, and telling honest truths. They play on fear, politics, and again views.
  5. Influencers. Influencers are anyone with a large platform and a way to use it. They tend to care about their image, and money. They are not always dealing in facts, or truths either. They are giving opinions and getting people riled up, because honestly it brings them attention, and more money.
  6. General Citizens. That is most likely you and me. What responsibility do we own in this Pandemic of Covid? That is a loaded question, isn’t it? But, think about it. What role do you play? Do you follow the CDC guidelines that are meant to keep everyone safe, not just you? I am not necessarily just talking about the vaccine. But, let me just say a few things to consider. If you have gotten other flu vaccines, then why not this one? If you have been vaccinated against every childhood disease when you were a child, what is the deal with this vaccine? I am not a vaccine promoter, or vaccine skeptic, but it makes no sense to me why this one is such a big deal when you are probably protected from other diseases via vaccine. If you don’t even know what vaccines you got as a child look up Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Hepatitis B, and Varicella. Let me know if you would like to go back and not get those vaccines. Are you an anti-masker? Why? Think about why, really why? Not because you listened to some TV pundit, or Influencer on Instagram, but a valid actual reason for not wanting to wear a mask. I understand there are some people who really can not tolerate a mask. In that case are you staying out of large groups of people, over 10? Are you staying 6 feet away from people in areas that are not well ventilated? Are you washing your hands all the time? Do you even care if you protect the vulnerable, or even people who just don’t want to get sick and possibly die? If no, then you are part of the problem! Plain and simple. If you are a Christian you know the statement, Am I My Brother’s Keeper? How did God respond to that question? Yes, you are your brother’s keeper. If you want to harm yourself fine, do so, but do not bring harm to others because you are reckless and selfish.

Before I end this I am going to just give one more thing to think about. There is a whole bunch of people claiming the vaccinated are the ones spreading this virus. Please do actual research on actual reliable sites like Pubmed, Cochran, Healthline, CDC, and FDA to get your information about how vaccines actually work, what they can and can not do, and how mutations to a virus actually prolong the pandemic. Please, please, please think for yourself. If you don’t understand something ask questions, don’t assume your perception is the same as actual facts.

Viruses happen, there is no blame for that. It is nature. But, a virus can not survive without a viable host, that is fact. You don’t have to be a viable host.

Leave me an actual, intelligent comment if you would like to think too.

health buddy updates!

I have a few updates for all of my awesome readers!

1- The food budget challenge will run from Tuesday to Monday, not Thursday to Wednesday. All other rules apply. Tomorrow will be the start of the first food budget challenge. Yesterday, my daughter and I did inventory of what we already had on hand and made a list of all the items. The idea will be to create a menu for the week using items already on hand, and then buy only what we need. If after we buy what we need there is any money left we will buy good deals or things we would like, like coffee creamer, lol. Or, extra milk for the week. My husband is a huge milk drinker and he will have to learn to portion it to make it last a week. When something is used off of the inventory list it is to be subtracted. Likewise if we add something it will be added to the inventory list. This really did not take that long to make, maybe an hour total, and will help me keep track of what needs to be used, and avoid spending on stuff we don’t need, and avoid food waste. My Misfits box came yesterday, three days late, but it was Fedex fault. So, I won’t need much fresh veggies, except lettuce. We also have a good inventory of meat. I buy meat in bulk, on sale, and then portion into 3-4 oz portion sizes per family member and freeze in Ziploc baMy gs. This saves a ton of money. Meat is a huge budget expense in any budget. If we had to buy meat this week that 25 dollars would not last very long. When our meat inventory is depleted we will have to get used to meatless meals, which is fine with me. My other point to make is when on a budget don’t make meals no one will eat. This makes no sense and is counter productive. Luckily my husband and daughter like rice and pasta, and while I prefer fresh veggies and fruit I can eat frozen or canned. I eat a ton of veggies, as I am low carb. Watch for a post this week on that topic. Tomorrow I will post our very messy food menu for the week, and what we bought with our 25 dollar Save A Lot budget. On the non challenge weeks I will shop as usual and stick to the same concepts as the budget challenge weeks.

2- My Turmeric Challenge is going great! I am really loving this spice and wish I had incorporated it earlier. Last night I put it on popcorn. Oh my Yum! It was also great on my baked potato and love it on chicken. Are you doing the Turmeric Challenge with me? Share in the comments.

3- I am working on a video and post on Guided Imagery. Watch for that in the coming weeks.

4- I am almost 75% done with my Mindfulness course. If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness and how it can help you meet your health goals, use the contact form to message me.

5- I will be doing posts this week on my Low Carb life, Hot Flashes, Food Industry, and an apple recipe to die for.

Don’t forget I am low Carb, as well as Low Protein, so my challenges have to revolve around that. Got questions? Leave me a comment!


Wellness Wednesday: Cold and Flu Prevention Part 2

Updated 4/21/2021:

Last week I discussed the first chain of infection.  This week I will discuss the second link in the Chain of Infection:  Reservoirs.

So, let us say the first link was not broken, and the pathogen or germ was able to continue to the next link in the chain.  A Reservoir is anywhere that the germ lives.  This can be animals, insects, dirty surfaces, dirty equipment, soil, water, and of course humans.  Getting rid of the reservoir will break this link in the chain and may prevent getting the Cold or Flu.

Ways to break the Reservoir link:

1-  Don’t leave standing water around.  If you are like me and you enjoy watching birds, and butterflies make sure you are changing the water frequently so germs do not thrive, and grow.  The same can be said for pets or animals who live outside.

2-  Disinfect surfaces and equipment daily, if exposed to high levels of germs.  Of course, this would be any health-related facility.  But, it could also be anywhere that dirty hands can come in contact with surfaces ie stores, restaurants, movie theaters, daycare, school, church, etc.  Carry hand sanitizer and wash hands with soap and water as soon as you return home.

3-  Control pests around home and business.  Pests can include rodents, insects and other possible germ-carrying animals such as possum, skunks, armadillo, etc.   Make sure your pets are healthy and have proper vaccines, flea and tick control.

4-  Stick to infection prevention such as handwashing, getting vaccines if advised by your doctor, get enough sleep, eat a well-balanced diet, and exercise regularly.  Some supplements that may help are Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.  Be sure to learn about how to take properly, and any side effects.

5-  Soil testing procedures should be followed as advised by government policies.

It is possible to avoid Cold, and Flus by breaking the chain of infection.  It takes being mindful and diligent in good prevention measures.  Always remember that the #1 way to prevent Cold and Flu is good handwashing.

If you have any questions or would like to learn about my April freebie, new 30 day coaching plan, or anything else, please use the contact form at the end of the post or email me at


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