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Before I get to the main topic, a couple of updates. The Kidney Education Class I did last evening was awesome! I will be doing one in August, hopefully 2. Unfortunately I will probably have to put a cap on how many people can attend. Right now I am using Facebook events and I have to upload each slide individually and then answer any questions. It would be hard with more than 3 people and take quite a bit of time. If you are interested in these free Kidney Classes, go to my Facebook page, and like the page to watch for updates. You can also follow this blog for updates. You must be able to read and write English, as it is the only language I know.

I am beginning work on upgrading this blog, so I can share my own videos which needs practice, lol, and accept client payments right here on the blog. I am also working on a new Guided Imagery for Weight Loss. That should be ready some time in August. You can view and purchase all of my Integrative Therapies options in my Etsy store.

A new Health report shows that if 50% of Americans, yes only half, wore a face mask, socially distanced and washed hands regularly may drastically reduce the spread of Covid 19. With people complaining that they want their kids to go back to school, and I don’t disagree with that, and people not being able to see loved ones in nursing homes, I simply don’t understand why Americans will not just comply with these 3 easy steps. Not everyone can wear a mask, OK I can sympathize with that. But, you could social distance, avoid crowds, don’t be in closed places for long periods of time, and wash hands frequently. Not one thing is perfect, all can have flaws, but if you can do all 3 think about how much may be accomplished to keep people safe and healthy, and reopen. You can read the full report here.


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How is your own country doing with the Pandemic?


Wellness on Wednesday: Cold and Flu Prevention Part 5

There are only two more parts to this series, so it will end next Wednesday.  I will then move on to other topics.  I hope you are finding this series useful.

The 5th link in the Chain of Infection is the Portal of Entry.  A portal of entry can be broken skin, incisions, inhaled through the respiratory tract.  There are a few others, but since we are discussing cold and flu these are the ones we will discuss.

You may have noticed a pattern by now that good handwashing is included in almost every chain in the link.  Good handwashing is the number one way to prevent cold and flu.  Barriers such as gloves and respiratory masks are two other ways to break this link.  BTW gloves and respiratory masks do not just protect you from getting a cold or flu, but protects others from you should you be the person with the illness.   I think sometimes people forget this.  Also getting a flu shot if you have been advised to do so can break this link.  Basic First Aid and personal hygiene are the last two ways to break this link.  If you have overly chapped hands, or small cuts on your hands,  that can allow germs to enter be sure and use a hand lotion to help heal the skin.   Chapped, dry lips and nose can also allow germs to enter.  Use chapstick, and a humidifier at night to add moisture and barrier to protect against germs entering the body.  Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep and maintain a healthy diet will also help keep you and your Immune System in good working order.

You can read the other posts in the series in the archives.

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