Food On Friday: Ezekiel Bread

Updated 3/4/2023 this post is from 2019. I have not bought this bread in quite some time. With inflation it is just not economical to buy bread only one person in the house will eat.

Welcome to Food on Friday!  Today, I am going talk to you about, Ezekiel Bread.  The kind I buy is the whole grain kind.  There are other varieties, but this is the one I chose to start with.  This is my first time trying this bread.  This is not a paid post.

First, let me start by saying this is not the most delicious bread I have ever eaten.  Matter of fact it isn’t delicious much at all.  So, if flavor is super important to you, this particular bread may not work.  This bread is also the first Organic bread I have tried.  No one else will eat this but me, lol, at my house.

So, why did I buy this bread?  There are several reasons, and they are listed below.

  1.  I follow a low-sodium diet.  Most sandwich bread, or rolls, has at least 140mg of sodium per slice.  So just the bread for a sandwich would have at least 280mg of sodium.  So, I stopped eating bread, for the most part.  With Summer coming, and it is brutal in Florida, we don’t cook a lot with the stove or oven.  That means sandwiches are on the menu.  If I toast this bread, I like it even more, and it makes a nice sandwich for me.  One slice of this Ezekiel bread has only 75mg of sodium.
  2.  I like that it is Organic, very low fat, has a low glycemic index, a good amount of Iron, and Fiber per serving.

There are some downfalls, though.

1.  Besides flavor, this bread is kind of high in Phosphorus, 8% per slice.  So, one sandwich and I am at 16% for the day, and that percentage is for someone who does not have CKD.  So, I have to make sure I am paying attention to other Phosphorus I may get throughout the day.

2.  It is not cheap, but I don’t find most of the non Organic good bread is cheap either.  I can remember when bread was .25, that is how old I am, lol.

3.  It has to stay refrigerated.  This is a pain for me because it is just one more thing taking up space in the fridge, but I deal with it.

4.  Because it is Organic, with no preservatives, it has a much shorter shelf life.  In the Summer months this will not be an issue, because like I said we eat sandwiches.  But, I probably will not buy this in the Winter months, because I just won’t eat it fast enough.  Which brings me to the last point.  We live in Florida.  We get hurricanes, and even without a hurricane, losing power is always possible.  As such, we have had to evacuate once, in the 15 years we have lived here.  We had no power for a week.  This bread would most likely not survive that, as I wouldn’t be able to refrigerate it, without a generator.  I will be doing a post, probably next week about disaster preparation, for people with CKD.  I did one before, on my homeschool blog, but it needs updating, and lots of new info learned.  I can tell you there are not a lot of Organic foods I can stock-pile due to shelf life that are OK for CKD.  So, that has to be kept in mind.

You can read the rest of the info about Ezekiel Bread, by looking at the images below.

My disclaimer is short and sweet. None of the information I share on this blog is intended to be medical or nutritional advise. It is for informational purposes only and to spark a conversation.

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National Sloppy Joe Day!

Welcome back for another Food on Friday topic. I love Sloppy Joes! Do you? Today in the USA, is National Sloppy Joe Day. Watch the short video below to learn about the history of sloppy joes and her recipe. I make mine a little different than she does. I really enjoy her food history videos. Be sure and check out some of her others. I was actually going to make these today, but I completely forgot to take out the meat to thaw. But, I have made these lots of times using the ingredients below. My new week for the grocery budget challenge will begin Sunday, as that is when I have time to grocery shop.

Now, I have CKD, and I try to avoid HFCS at all costs. It upsets my stomach and generally makes me not feel good. There is a standard Sloppy Joe sauce that is available in stores. It is affordable, but it does contain HFCS and lots of sodium. So, I choose not to use it, and honestly, I don’t even think it tastes that good. Keep your portion size of the meat mixture to no more than 3-4 ounces, and try to make a vegetarian option using mushrooms. Ooh, I bet that is delicious.

To lighten up your Sloppy Joe you could use ground turkey, lean ground beef, or even ground chicken. A whole-grain bun would add more nutrients than just a plain white bun. If you are trying to keep it light don’t add cheese to the finished sandwich.

These are the ingredients I use.

  1. Lean ground beef, the leanest I can find, or ground turkey.
  2. About a tbsp of olive oil to cook the ground beef and veggies in
  3. A bell pepper, green is the most affordable
  4. Some chopped onion. I like Vidalia onions.
  5. Garlic minced, or any garlic you have on hand. I generally have garlic powder.
  6. Low sodium tomato paste.
  7. 2/3 of a cup of catsup. I like organic and prefer sugar free, though no one else does.
  8. 1.3 cup of whatever vinegar you have on hand. I usually have red wine vinegar, or rice vinegar on hand.
  9. 1 tbsp yellow mustard
  10. 1 tbsp of brown sugar, use stevia brown sugar if you watch your sugar intake
  11. 1/2 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce.

That is it. After you cook the ground beef, onions, and peppers, add everything else, stir it all in, and voila a Sloppy Joe is born. Don’t forget to drain the fat off of your meat.

Let me know how you make Sloppy Joes, and if you don’t if you will try this recipe and how much you like it.


Homemade Pumpkin Protein Bars!

Hello, and Happy Foodie Friday! You know October is pumpkin season, right? Well it is. I am funny about protein bars. I am a texture kind of girl so a a lot of them just have a strange texture to me. The only one I have found, and I have tried a lot, are these One Protein Bars, and of course they are quite expensive. I also like fairly clean ingredients and am not crazy about fake sweeteners, though I can tolerate them some. The texture of these are lovely, and that is not an affiliate link I am just showing the one I really do like a lot. I like to keep protein bars on hand in my work bag just in case it is one of those days and a fast meal is the only thing to see my lips.

I have never actually made my own protein bars, but the one in the video below is so easy, and I have Vanilla Bean flavored protein powder already here at the house. My smoothie maker died, and I am not willing to buy another one right now, so protein bars would be great. Since it is pumpkin month, I thought maybe I should try to make these. It won’t be today, or even this weekend, because I work very long days, but I bet I can on Monday. I think the only ingredient I don’t already have is the pumpkin. I won’t use Almond Milk either, I don’t like it much. So, I will have to use regular milk, or evaporated milk. I will let you know if I make them, and how I like them. Monday, is also our next family cook off competition. I won’t give away the theme until Tuesday, when I share the results, but it is going to be interesting. It is my daughter vs. myself this time.

Let me know if you make these homemade pumpkin protein bars, or if you have a homemade protein bar recipe you would like to share, please post it in the comments.


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Low calorie food #4: sweet peaches!

Hello, and welcome to Friday! I have had an especially stressful week, and I am glad it is almost over. It is my weekend to work, so I may not add any new content until Monday. I have been performing Reiki on myself, for stress relief, and it is fabulous. You may see affiliate links in this post.

At the end of last Summer we planted a peach tree. It was kind of already big in my opinion, but I had no idea if it would produce fruit, especially the first season after planting. To my surprise it did produce fruit and they are so sweet and juicy. They are small, but that is OK too. This peach tree really didn’t need much care at all. I will have to prune it at the end of the season, and I don’t think they produce fruit twice, so that should be soon. I still have a bunch on the tree that are not ripe enough yet. If the rest all come ripe at the same time, I can freeze them for use later in the year. There are only about 20 peaches in total left on the tree.

The image below is mine of the actual peaches I have picked so far. You can watch the video below to learn more about the Health benefits of peaches. You might be surprised. Some people don’t like the fuzzy skin, but honestly when they are very ripe you don’t even notice it. Peaches are a good source of Vitamin A. According to my Basket pricing app 1 pound of peaches in my area are 1.49-2.99. They are in season now, so it is the best time to enjoy them!

Nutrition according to my food tracker app for 1 small peach:

Calories: 51

Total Fat: 0.3 grams, so basically a fat free food

Saturated Fat: Zero

Cholesterol: Zero

Sodium: Zero

Total Carbs: 12 grams

Net Carbs: 10 grams

Protein: 1.2 grams

Vitamin: 14% of daily RDA

Vitamin C: 24% of daily RDA

Calcium: 1.3% RDA

Iron: 1.8% RDA

Phosphorus: 26 mg this is a low Phosphorus food item if you have CKD

Potassium: 247 mg this is pretty high for a small piece of fruit. If you have CKD be mindful of this.

I sprinkle cinnamon on top of mine to add a dessert type flavor.


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Taking a one day pause from the zero point food challenge

Today, I am taking a pause from the challenge. I am experiencing some GI upset, most likely from the fat free, and sugar free food items I have been eating. I have said this before when they remove fat from foods, they have to add other things to make it taste good and these things include sugar substitutes, among other things. I could also be getting too much Phosphorus. So, I am taking 24 hours off, and see how I feel tomorrow. I may have to make adjustments to the challenge as it isn’t worth getting sick over. Come back tomorrow to see what I conclude. In the meantime you can check out some awesome products that I have started to be an affiliate for.

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Harmony face and neck toner

Drug Free Pain Relief


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Low calorie food #3

Happy Friday! Today is my Orthopedic consult for my injured shoulder. While I was able to work yesterday without too much discomfort, I also did not lift or pull on anyone. My boss was in agreement to these terms for me to work. I have a feeling this will need to continue if I am going to work until it completely heals. This post may contain affiliate links.

Today, I am going to discuss the 3rd low calorie food item in my new series. Cantaloupe is this week’s featured food. Cantaloupe is a Musk Melon and I have one plant growing in my garden. I decided to give it a try even though the directions said it needed a lot of room to grow. I have placed it in one of the raised beds all by itself and it has several blossoms that I hope will produce fruit. I have never really eaten much Cantaloupe. It is an awesome source for Vitamins, C, A, plus Potassium, and Folate. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which means in order for the body to absorb the Vitamin A properly it must be eaten with a fat source. So, bring on some yummy fruit dip or whipped topping full fat variety. Just use it in proper portion sizes. I think a lot of times people don’t realize when they remove fat completely from their diet they probably are not absorbing vital nutrients properly, as well as when they take a supplement. You can read more about this here.

Per my Nutrition Facts app 1/2 cup of raw cantaloupe contains the following nutrients: There are others but these are the basics.

Water: 90 grams. This is a lot of water. If you are on fluid restrictions be sure to account for water in foods. If you are underhydrated have some cantaloupe.

Calories: Only 34 calories per 1/2 cup

Protein: Less than 1 gram

Fat: .19 gram

Fiber: 1 gram

Carbs: 8 grams

Calcium: 9 mg

Magnesium: 12 mg

Phosphorus: 15 mg this is a great choice if you have to watch your phosphorus intake

Potassium: 267 mg. If you have CKD this is a high Potassium option. Either have a 1/4 cup or be sure and adjust you other potassium food items the rest of the day.

Sodium: 16 mg

Vitamin C: 37 mg

Folate: 21 ug

Vitamin A RAE: 169 ug

Vitamin A IU: 3382 IU

Vitamin K: 2.5 ug

Did you know there are two different types of Vitamin A? Watch the videos below to learn more about this, and other facts about this awesome low calorie food. You can actually get too much Vitamin A. Be sure to read these safety facts and foods that are good sources of Vitamin A.

The purpose of these low calorie food posts is to help anyone who is overweight and needs to lose weight to make better food options.


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low calorie food #1

Hello, Friday! I hope everyone has had a good week. I have not been doing a lot of food posts, but readers seem to really like them. Each Friday I will showcase a low calorie food, that is under 40 calories per serving. So far I have found about 40 but I think there may be more. If you are trying to lose weight incorporating these low calorie foods into your meal plan can help. Please remember your body needs calories to survive so eating just low calorie foods is probably not going to be a very healthy eating plan. Try to buy organic if you can.

Cucumbers is the low calorie food for today. I love cucumbers and this year we are trying to grow our own. They are very easy to grow and I am hoping for a ton. Well, maybe not a ton. Did you know the seeds and the skin are the healthier parts of the cucumber? I always peel mine, but I will try to start eating the skin. Cucumbers are fairly affordable and you don’t have to eat a whole one each time. According to my Basket app the cheapest cucumber is only 59 cents per each one at Save A Lot. That price is for non-organic. Another thing I did not know about cucumbers is that they can help the Pancreas produce Insulin. When I first read this I had to research it because I had never heard that before. It is only a theory but there are studies being done. If you have Diabetes eating cucumbers could be a good idea. One note, if you have Kidney Disease and are on fluid restrictions, 1 cucumber contains 287 grams of water which apparently is about 10 ounces of water. That is a lot of water, so consume them mindfully. There is a short video below on the health benefits of cucumbers.

According to my Nutrition Facts app 1 cucumber with the peel contains:

Water: 287 grams

Calories: 45. If you wanted it to be less than 40 just chop off a bit of it.

Protein: 2 grams who knew

Fat: .33 grams

Carbs: About 11 grams but 1.5 grams of Fiber which makes net carbs about 9.5

Sugars: 5 grams

Calcium: 48 mg. I consume very little dairy, to none, so I try to get Calcium from other food sources.

Iron: .84 mg

Magnesium: 39 mg

Phosphorus: 72 mg not bad for a vegetable

Sodium: 6 mg I found that interesting

Vitamin C: 8.5 mg

Folate: 21 ug

Vitamin A: 330 ug

Vitamin K: 49 ug

Cholesterol: 286 mg

There are other trace minerals in cucumbers.


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do you know what today is?

It’s Friday! Well yes, obviously. But, did you also know that is The Day of the Mushroom? A whole day to celebrate mushrooms!

Mushrooms are not something I love to eat. But, I am trying to learn to love them. It is more of a consistency issue for me as opposed to taste. I have seen where you can buy mushroom powder for smoothies. Maybe I will not mind that so much. Mushrooms are incredibly healthy and can be a protein replacement for Vegans and Vegetarians. Mushrooms contain all 9 of the essential amino acids needed by the body. Mushrooms are also low in fat, sodium, and calories. Of course how you prepare them can effect that. If you have Kidney Disease mushrooms are particularly high in Phosphorus and possibly Potassium. Sticking to proper portion sizes will be of importance. My family loves hamburgers and I think I want to try a Portabello mushroom burger the next time. Mushrooms can also be used for medicinal purposes. Below you will find a video about mushrooms, and a video with a delicious mushroom recipe for you to try. You can even grow your own mushrooms, or forage for them. Try to purchase whole food mushrooms, not highly processed mushroom food items.


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Lower Carb and Kidney Friendly Superbowl Appetizers

Today, as promised, I am sharing some ideas for lower carb and kidney friendly Superbowl appetizers. The first video is Keto type recipes. I don’t do Keto, but I get great ideas for lower carb meal ideas. The very first recipe on that video is the one I will be making. I will change the sausage to ground turkey, and I will use Salsa instead of marinade. I will also half the cheese on top and it will be Mexican blend cheese. I will serve it with both tortilla chips and the bell peppers. I am sure I am the only one who will eat the bell peppers. My husband might have a few, and my daughter in law, but that is pretty much it. The second video is from Davita. I like what they did with the chicken wings as that is a huge Superbowl favorite. My husband has his own wing recipe, of which I only eat a couple, so I won’t try that recipe this time. The fruit dip looked good but I am thinking that is going to be a lot of phosphorus in there. As an alternative I personally would use just cool whip with cinnamon sugar mixed in. For the protein shake they offered a bottled variety. These are going to probably have a lot of additives and preservatives. They may also be high in phosphorus. I personally would make my own using Orgain protein powder, ice, kidney friendly fruit, a liquid of your choice, and a smidge of French Vanilla non dairy creamer.

Even if you follow a special eating lifestyle, or have Kidney Disease, you can still enjoy parties and events.

Have fun! Let me know if you make any of these recipes.


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super easy homemade marinara sauce

I had some beautiful organic tomatoes that were going to go bad if I didn’t eat them fast enough. So, I decided to make some homemade marinara sauce. I had thought of doing this before but assumed it was complicated. It was not complicated and was so delicious. Even my picky teenager liked it, and it had a plum in it and she didn’t even know it. If you have CKD and don’t want to use tomatoes roast red peppers instead. I only eat 2 tbsp at a time of sauce, so I use tomatoes. Plus this is low sodium, as I added no sodium. The tomato sauce probably had some sodium, but still less than any jar sauce in the store.


7 organic tomatoes

1 vidalia onion

garlic powder

sweet basil

1 plum with pit removed

Cut up all of the ingredients and put them on a cookie sheet with just a dab of olive oil. Roast at 350 F for 30 minutes. You can see what it looked like in the image below. Then let it cool for 15-30 minutes. Then simply puree all of the ingredients in a blender. Put the sauce in a jar, or container, and store in the refrigerator until you want to use it. I think this could have been just a tad sweeter, so I will probably add just a smidge of sugar when reheating.

Cooler mornings have gotten me in the cooking mood. I also made delicious banana bread, and froze potatoes to keep them fresh. I will post about those later.

Make some homemade marinara sauce and tell me what you liked or didn’t like.


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