Taste Test Tuesday, Weekly Meal Plan, and Some Updates

As my personal life continues to evolve, my blogging habits will change. I worked a strange work schedule these past 7 days. I am also finishing up taking the CBCS certification exam and applying for a new position with my current employer. If the pay is up to par I will most likely take this position. This will give me a more normal work schedule which is something a nurse does not usually have. I have been doing bedside nursing since I was 18 years old and my body is starting to feel it. A change will be good.

Yesterday, I missed my meal prep post. Most of my topics will migrate to weekends if I am working a full-time job. This past week I spent 120 dollars on groceries, sorry I went after getting out of work and forgot to snap a picture. I am noticing a trend, though. We tend to buy the same items, basically, and one week is right around 100 and then the next week 120. That means, on average we are spending 110 dollars a week, per month, on food. I guess I can accept that.

I would like us to try a new recipe each week so we are not stuck eating the same foods over and over, even if we like them. Last week we tried Big Mac in a bowl. This recipe was originally intended to be a low-carb recipe, but we didn’t need it to be low-carb. You can definitely modify the ingredients to suit your eating lifestyle. We all loved this and it will be part of our Summer rotation of meals.

We used 1 lb of organic grass-fed ground beef, shredded lettuce, cooked brown rice, chopped onions, chopped dill pickles, and Thousand Island dressing. If you like cheese on your Big Mac, add some shredded cheese too. Basically, you cook the rice, and the ground beef and then put everything in a bowl and eat it. I would prefer this with ground turkey, but my husband always complains, so ground beef it is.

It was fast, easy, and delicious. It can also be affordable if you buy cheaper ground meat.

My meal plan for this week, which began last Friday and will end this Friday is below. I only share dinners because breakfast and lunch are just regular stuff like eggs, toast, salad, soup, leftovers, etc. I always have a fruit and veggies to add to our meals.

Saturday: BBQ pork, pork and beans, and mashed potatoes. My daughter won’t eat beans, so I make mashed potatoes too. Either broccoli or green beans will be on the side.

Sunday: Pizza

Monday: Grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was very cold out yesterday, and this was a lovely dinner.

Tuesday: Hashbrown casserole with bacon. I have frozen hashbrowns that have been in my freezer forever and I need to use them. This will be a new recipe for us, so watch for my taste test post next week. Fruit will be the side.

Wednesday: Chicken and broccoli with rice. Either Teriyaki, sweet and sour, sweet chili sauce, or just cheese for the topping.

Thursday; Sweet and sour pork with rice, and broccoli or green beans

Friday: Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and a veggie. This is another new recipe, so watch for the taste test post.

I did not save my receipt so I can’t give cost breakdowns, but each meal should be around 6 dollars. Processed foods are actually costing way more than fresh, and you get way less. So, if you want to save money on groceries stop buying processed stuff, learn to cook, and save some bucks.

Tomorrow I will be doing week 3 of the Kidney Class. I am working on next week’s meal plan and I am going to try a Weight Watcher recipe.

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