Watch For Some New Content In 2023!

I am editing old posts and deleting some that are no longer relevant. I ignored this blog for most of 2022, mostly because I was just too busy with other things going on. But, I really miss blogging and sharing content and ideas. I changed the name of the blog to Living Life With CKD and am now starting to edit all old content. I won’t be accepting paid health coach clients, but I will be writing on CKD, health topics, and maybe some other stuff related to living with CKD.  

I still want to be your Health Buddy!  I want to help people living with CKD live the best life they can. This disease is hard for so many reasons and having someone to share your day with can make a difference.

This will take a while. I have years of content on this blog. So, I will try to edit and delete daily, plus add new content at least once a week. Plus, I still have to take the new updated Kidney Coach class, which I simply have not had time to do, yet. By Spring, it should be done.

Since I changed the name I have to change all of the old graphics on each post, as well.

I hope you will stick around and continue to enjoy my blog posts. I will get a monthly newsletter going, again as well.

If you have CKD and there is a topic you would like me to write about leave me a comment. I remove all spam, so how about we just skip that.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I work in the health field, and I have CKD, but I can not diagnose or give medical advise. Any information on this blog is for information only, to start a conversation. It is my opinions and personal experiences.

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