Thanksgiving Turkey Mediterannean Style!

Hello, and welcome to another Food on Friday topic. Since it is the month of November, and in the USA that means Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving means turkey, and it is Dementia month on this blog. Well, you get the idea of today’s topic.

Studies show that following the MIND Diet, and or the Mediterannean Diet may help prevent Dementia. So, I thought I would try to find a video on how to make a Mediterannean style Thanksgiving turkey. Now, I am not sure my husband will go for this. He is responsible for cooking the turkey, not me. He enjoys it! I know it’s crazy! But, I can certainly put the idea in his head. I am not a huge lover of Greek yogurt, but I can half the amount and increase the Olive Oil, instead. I found some of the seasoning blend, mentioned in the video on Amazon. That is not an affiliate link. Turkey is very low-fat meat, especially if you eat only white meat, and avoid the skin. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own Mediterannean Thanksgiving Turkey. Turkey does contain Phosphorus, as do most meats, naturally. So, be mindful of your portion sizes if you have CKD and especially if you have issues with phosphates.


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