Family Cook Off #2

I totally forgot to share this on Tuesday, so I am sharing it today instead. There will be a few other tidbits in this post.

On Tuesday, my husband, daughter, and myself held the second round of our Family Cook Off. This is meant to be fun, family time, and a little competition too. This time my husband was the judge, and it was me against my daughter. My husband picked the theme of grilled cheese with one other topping. At first I thought, how dreadfully boring, but I was able to find a fancy grilled cheese that I was sure was a winner. Apparently, I was wrong because my daughter won, even though my husband was impressed with my culinary grilled cheese skills. I called foul because mine was way more creative, but hers had bacon, so yeah bacon. I do not care for bacon, but I still had to at least taste it, and I admit it was very good.

Caitlin’s Grilled Cheese: Brioche bread, American cheese, bacon slices, sweet red onions, and Thousand Island Dressing. I have to admit the dressing added a very nice touch with the bacon. I did not care for the onions on it, and tomatoes probably would have made more sense.

My Grilled Cheese: Brioche bread, Kerry Gold Savory Cheddar Cheese, blueberries cooked down in Balsamic Vinegar and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Honestly, this was delicious, though I think the vinegar was a smidge too much for me. But, if I had used an even stronger cheese I think it would have been a knockout. The savory cheddar is strong, but wasn’t strong enough. I also think I should have gotten more credit for trying a healthier grilled cheese, just saying.

We wanted to do these challenges each week, but it really is too much to plan and get ready for it weekly. So, we are thinking twice a month will work better. I get to pick the theme for the next one, and I am thinking obviously about pumpkins. It won’t have to be pumpkin food, but rather it can be shaped like a pumpkin, or any other pumpkin theme. I already know my recipe, lol. Is that cheating? Hmm.

My husband and I have challenged ourselves to lose 10 pounds before Halloween, and then next month to keep it off. I have lost 2.5 pounds so far, and feeling like this might not be possible. He has not disclosed how much he has lost, but he is cutting his calories.

Pizza is something my family loves. I do like pizza, but it is so calorie, and fat heavy. Frozen pizzas, even so called healthier options, are not really all that healthy imo. So, tonight I will be making some homemade pizza dough, and giving it a try. My family is very fussy about pizza, so I am hoping this will be a hit. Other times I tried were not that successful. They are so used to high amounts of salt, fat, and sugar in the dough. I am going to try herbs to spice up the dough and add tons of flavor! I will be using this recipe for the basic dough, and then adding what I need. I will report next week how it ends up being. I have a lot of shredded cheese in the fridge that I need to use up, as well as some whole wheat flour that I will be mixing with the all purpose flour for the dough. Wish me luck!

Have a Fabulous Friday, and I hope to see you back her Monday!

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