Family Cookoff #3 Dollar Store Meal

Welcome to another Food on Friday topic. This week it was my turn to be the judge and pick the theme for our family cookoff challenge. I chose a dollar store meal. The Dollar Tree is not close to us, but we do have a Dollar General and Family Dollar right here in town. So, I gave them both the rules of one shopping at each store and spending only 10 dollars. I did not specify they could only use the stuff they bought so both of them used ingredients we already had at home to add to their meal.

First up, my daughter. She chose Dollar General for her store. Now, where we live our Dollar General does have a small fresh food section. She chose a bag salad mix, hot dogs, and hot dog buns. She did not put much thought into this, but I was happy she chose some fresh veggies. She chose the most expensive brand of hot dog buns, instead of the freshest, and these buns were not that good due to not being fresh. Hot dogs are not something I eat often, but they were quite delicious as she fried them in butter we had at home. Not the healthiest, but delicious. Since she knows I follow diet restrictions on a regular basis, she could have chosen a lower fat hot dog and less sodium. She used salad dressing we had at home and croutons we had. This was a very simple meal and only cost $8.65, but it could have been less if she bought a more affordable hot dog bun. While I was browsing the food, as she shopped, I noticed some really good deals if you are living on a very tight budget. They had single-serve frozen dinners for only 80 cents. I forget the brand, Michelina maybe, but if you really are in a squeeze these would be a good lunch option. They probably are not the healthiest but if it is all you can afford then that is what you need.

My husband got The Family Dollar by default, lol. Family Dollar does not offer any fresh food though they do have frozen veggies and fruit. I have bought these items in the past and had no problem with them. Unlike the Dollar Tree whose frozen veggies are sometimes not that great. My husband spent $9.65 and put a little more thought into his dish. He made a traditional Goulash-type dish using one pound of ground beef, 1 can of diced tomatoes, 1 can of Hunt’s spaghetti sauce, and 1 box of Rotini pasta. He used leftover salad from my daughter’s meal the night before, a plus there. He also used some cheese we had at home to add to the salad because he has to have it, but I tend to pick it out. He also used an onion that we already had on hand. His meal was actually very good, like really really good. It had great flavor and was well thought out. I do not typically use that brand of spaghetti sauce because I think it has high fructose corn syrup in it, but it won’t kill me. This meal was fast and easy to make and even someone who can’t really cook could make this. I do like the meat selections that the Family Dollar offers over Dollar General.

I have never found organic products at either of these stores. It does not match their price point as being a more affordable option, but it would be nice if organic items were more affordable for areas that only have these kinds of stores. Now, they may be there, and I just have not seen them. I do not grocery shop at these stores often. My family did not care for this challenge and complained profusely right up to the day to cook. They felt like this was not quality enough food for them, oh how spoiled we have become. Neither of them, obviously remember the days when we were living paycheck to paycheck and living on a very tight grocery budget and eating these very foods. After their meals were created they were both very surprised at how good their meals actually were. Food does not have to be organic or expensive to taste good. The whole debate about organic vs non-organic is not settled yet. I like organic better, but I don’t always get it. Be mindful of what you eat and do the best you can.

My husband obviously won this challenge. We finally decided on a prize. Each winner gets a 5 dollar scratch-off, and yes my daughter got 2 so far. Though, I think I got ripped off, lol. She won 8 dollars too! My husband will pick the next theme and it will be mother vs daughter and I don’t intend to lose this time.

This is meant to be good family fun or friends! It is a great way to get in the kitchen with your kids and get them thinking about cooking, meal prepping, shopping, budgets, etc. Try it and let me know what you do in the comments. Share your post if you have a blog.

Sorry, I always forget to take pictures when we do this. I will try to remember for the next one.


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The Hardest Part Of Losing Weight~

Hello, and welcome to my last post on the topic of Obesity. Obesity was my Health topic for the month of October. While I did not get to cover all of the topics I wanted to, I provided a great deal of information for anyone interested in learning more about Obesity. For the month of November, my Health topic will be Dementia. I usually do posts on Gratitude in November, but I think I will just refer to last year’s posts.

For the month of October, my husband and I challenged ourselves to lose 10 pounds by the 31st. With 3 days left I still have 3.5 pounds to go. While I would obviously like to smash the goal, I am realistic that 10 pounds in one month, is not easy, and equals 2.5 pounds per week. I don’t know, yet, how my husband did. I will report on Monday. For November, and which is the topic of this post, we will make a goal to keep off whatever weight we lost in October. This is a huge challenge for any who loses weight. Learning how to keep off the weight is the harder part of weight loss in my opinion. If you did not learn how to change your relationship with food, make better food choices, learn proper portion sizes, and move more then you probably will not be successful at keeping the weight off. With the holidays coming all of the aforementioned things are super important. I am in no way suggesting you starve, deprive yourself, exercise to death, or eat no carbs. Those things are not sustainable, nor do they lead to success. People will try to sabotage you, trust me. Why they do it, I don’t know for sure, but they will. You have to have more willpower than they do. Now, I could have done the Keto Diet and probably easily lost the 10 pounds, and more. However, of all the people I watch who do the Keto Diet, as soon as they stop they gain weight. Why? Because, not eating carbs is not sustainable for the rest of your life, and unless you learn how to eat carbs in a healthy way, sustainable weight loss will most likely not be a success for you.

The human body needs carbs, fat, and sodium. There are Keto doctors, at least they say they are doctors, who say we don’t even need carbs to survive. That may be true, and I have found no clinical trials that say that, but carbs are affordable, and many people rely on them. I am not Diabetic, but if you are you still probably have been told to eat a certain amount of carbs to keep your blood glucose from dropping.

Here are two sources that can help you learn about keeping weight off. Plus, there is a video below, in case you don’t want to read it all, but it is worth the read, that explains the study. The second source offers a presentation on learning to keep weight off. I did not watch it, yet, but I intend to.

Last Fall I made a goal to lose weight. I managed to lose 20 pounds in about 6 months. I was able to maintain that right up until the Summer of this year. I gained back 4 pounds, which is not awful, but definitely was not part of my Health goals. So, what have I learned in the last year about weight loss, and keeping it off?

  1. I have to be consistent. I can’t lose weight and then expect to stop eating the way I have been to lose it, and go back to the bad habits and not expect to gain. I have to track my macros whether others like it or not. It is a very important tool for me to be successful. I have to track my step count, whether others like it or not. It is a very important tool for me to be successful.
  2. I really hate intense exercise. I do lift weights, but only light weights, no I don’t care what you think about that. I walk, a lot, that is my main form of exercise. I do make fitness goals, and then I try to meet them. But, I do not necessarily enjoy it. Those goals are more a must, than an enjoyment.
  3. I allow myself to indulge now and then, or to not follow my weight loss eating plan. I do not allow myself to feel guilty.
  4. I do weigh myself every day, and no I don’t care what others think about that. I have CKD and I tend to retain water. A couple pounds of weight gain, when my other food tracking seems to be on track, can be a warning sign.
  5. I measure my chest, waist, and hips weekly. This is a far better tool than the scale to monitor success as losing body fat is really the goal, not necessarily weight loss.
  6. I can not worrry about what others think, or say. People are going to stick their noses in whether you ask them to or not. My actual weight for my height, which is 5 feet even, is 128 pounds. People will think I have lost too much weight when I reach that goal simply because they are not used to seeing me that size. It will not make me unhealthy, and I can not let their issues effect my goals. People will also judge what, and how I eat. Learn to tell people to mind their own business. Unless I am seriously over weight, or under weight, and they are a loving family member, doctor, or friend, then just let it slide off your shoulders. I don’t need it, but they seem to need to tell you how to eat.
  7. Learn to say no. This one is very hard when you have a family, and or active social life. Learning to say no I am not going to drink alcohol excessively, no I am not going to out out every day, yes, I am going to learn to cook for healthier food options.
  8. I can not eat fast food, convenience food, processed foods, and snacks plus lose weight. It simply is not possible. These foods are very calorie dense, devoid of fiber, high in fat, and high in salt. This has to be a treat, not a habit.
  9. I can not drink my calories.
  10. I have to be patient. It takes time to break old habits, and to obtain the willpower to counteract everyone around me. Get off social media if it effects me in a negative way. Infleuncers are not inflencers for anything good, or at least not most of them. They are making money just like the nasty food companies. They are pushing products, and looking for views, plain and simple. Don’t read comments either, they are never good. When people are just looking to make a buck they are not worried about someone else’s health.

If you would like help to lose weight via my Health Coaching, use the contact form below to message me. I am not young, and I am not thin. I have my own weight loss goals. But, I know how to support, teach, and motivate.


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Wisdom on Wednesday

Hello, and welcome to another Wisdom on Wednesday quote day. Actually, because my life is crazy right now, this will be a dual post but they both relate to the same quote. I have no idea who to attribute this quote to, but it is a good one.

Keep your head up, God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. This is especially powerful if you have Faith, or believe in God, whoever you call God.

When life is too easy we become complacent and relaxed. Some stress is not all bad, and hardships in life. They bring great lessons and build character.

Chronic illnesses, and other medical issues, will test you and wear you out. All this month I have been talking about Obesity. Like most months, I did not get to cover all of the topics I wanted to. But, one thing I see recurring on social media is people criticizing, making fun of, bullying, chastising, and downright being ugly to people they consider fat, or obese. They make money off this shit. Off of someone else’s pain. That says a lot about someone’s character and the people who support these so-called content creators. This is not content, it is garbage.

Anyway, enough of my soapbox issue for the day. I wanted to put Obesity into this post with the quote because for a lot of people losing weight is a very complex and difficult issue. For a small part of the population, because most people do just overeat and not exercise, weight loss is more than a challenge for them. They may have medical reasons that they have gained weight, and those reasons make it even harder to lose weight. Now I am not saying they shouldn’t try, because even losing 10% of your body weight can improve health markers by a lot.

Here you will find 7 medical conditions that can lead to obesity, and here other factors that can lead to Obesity.

I know how hard it is to lose weight, especially while trying to balance home life, work-life, and a chronic illness. It is extremely challenging but worth it. If you are Obese and you want to start to exercise more check out my Walking Buddy Plan. It is the best way to begin exercising to prevent injury and increase stamina in a safe way.

Be sure and read through my other posts on Obesity. There is some really great info there. Tomorrow I will be talking about how to keep the weight off once you lose it. This is a lot of times even more challenging than losing the weight to begin with.


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What Lurks In Your Drains?

Hello, and welcome to another Healthy Tip on Tuesday. Halloween is this week, if you live in the US, and I thought something creepy would be fun.

When you think of your sink or tub drain, do you think it contains loads of bacteria? Believe it or not, it does, and you might be surprised that most of that bacteria comes from washing your hands and it washing down the drain. Hospitals found that handwashing was possibly leading to increased levels of resistant bacteria, and when they started to disinfect down the drains their cases went down. Of course, food, toothpaste, dirt, and any other item that goes down the drain, and sits there can grow germs. Check out my post on why you should be disinfecting your home every day.

Of course, germs can live on any surface including your hands, face, phone, tv remote, handles, keys, etc. Disinfecting frequently touched items on a daily basis can keep you from getting sick. Make it a habit, and it will soon be routine for you to do it.

Below are some fun videos for you to watch on this topic. If you would like to know how to disinfect your drains you can read here, and here.


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Memory Care: Chromosome

Hello, and welcome back to another Memory Care Monday post. When I first started this blog, at the end of 2018, my most popular posts were these learn a new word a week posts. I don’t recall why I stopped doing them, but I got to #10 out of 100 on the list. Since I am over 50 and have been discussing Memory Care especially in relation to diet, I thought I would start these again.

It’s really easy to follow along. The goal is to learn the definition of a new word each week and then retain it, along with the other words that came before it. You can find the other words on the list under the memory care section of this blog. You can keep track any way you want. A note app on your phone, Google docs, handwritten in a journal, however, you wish to do so. Check out the cool journal below. Find a way to test yourself, and a day to do it on. There are several ways to memorize things. Writing them out several times, saying it out loud as you read it, making a song, etc.

This week’s word is Chromosome. There is even a cool video below to go with it. I am not going to tell you the definition per se. It is your job to find the word, define it, write it in a sentence if you want, find synonyms and antonyms, etc. Whatever will help you to remember it. Make a game of it, like Memory, and have someone play it with you. Keep track of the score, and whoever wins gets a pre-agreed prize, like coffee or something. All you would need is some blank recipe cards and a pen. I think I might do this, lol, it sounds fun.

If you would like to use my coaching services to help keep your memory fresh, or make it better, use the contact form below to message me for details. One way to improve Memory is to increase your physical activity. Check out my Walking Buddy Plan!


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Throwback Thursday: Why Obesity Was Rare In The 50’s

Hello, and Happy Thursday! I have had a crazy week and I feel like I have totally neglected my readers. I still have so much to discuss on the topic of Obesity, and the month is almost over. My newsletter was supposed to go out yesterday, but I will literally not home at all yesterday enough to do it. So, it will go out today.

I know people don’t like the topic of overweight, and obesity, and how much we really eat past what our bodies need. But, the truth is, for most people, if you are overweight you are consuming too much food, and not moving enough. That is just the facts. Stored fat is just unused energy. The body stores it like a savings account. You didn’t spend the energy, so you saved it.

I did another blog post a while back about how portion sizes have changed through the years. You can read it here. I have a whole section on portion distortion under the category section.

Another thing people really don’t want to discuss is how inactive we really are, compared to past times, and even as soon as the 80’s when technology really exploded. I think I want one of those old washing machines shown in the video. I don’t know as I would do all laundry that way, but what a simple way to burn some extra calories doing something I have to do anyway. I don’t know about scrubbing floors and rugs on my hands and knees though. That is a bit much, lol. Anyway, we move way too little, and sit way too much. Desk jobs, automation, and technology have made our lives so much easier that it is effecting us in negative ways. Be sure and watch the video of the young lady who only ate proper portions for the day. She is thin, but is used to eating way over standard portion sizes. She is funny, but you will get the point.

There are a couple of videos below to help you better understand on why we are storing so much energy, instead of using it up. I think you might be surprised. I was. If you would like to start being more active, check out my Walking Buddy Plan.


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Obesity Causes Dementia!?

Whoa, and Happy Tuesday! It is Obesity Awareness Month, so be sure and check out all of the other posts on this topic in the archives, or just search the word obesity.

Dementia touches my life in so many ways. I work on a Memory Care Unit with Dementia residents, and I have a loved one suffering from this horrible disease. I am not going to go into all the details of Dementia, now, but it will be discussed in more details on Memory Care Mondays. It is an unkind disease that robs your brain of memories and basic life skills.

I know there is a body positivity movement, and I love that. It is great to love yourself and know that you are beautiful no matter your size. I saw one of these influencers on Youtube state that losing weight is torture and self abuse. While I agree it is not a lot of fun to put yourself into the throws of an exercise regime, eating less food, and lifestyle changes. But, I also think you have to be Mindful of what studies say Obesity really can, and does do to the human body.

You will find a few videos below. They are short, and some talk about the Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle to help with Obesity and prevent Dementia.

But, what about the statement does Obesity cause Dementia. I like facts, with real data, and controlled studies. They make me happy. Now, if you don’t understand all of the jargon in the study, just read the conclusion.

There are a few things I would like to point out about Obesity and Dementia. Obesity is complicated, and so is Dementia. But, the study I am sharing does show a correlation between Obesity in midlife and a definite increase in Obesity. Now, why I find that really interesting is, if you look at the way they did the study mild cognitive injury appears to show up about 12 years before diagnosis, and the average age of diagnosis was about 75. That means mild cognitive changes probably started around age 63 or sooner. But, Obesity at ages 60 and 70 seemed to be protective. Why? If someone is already starting to have mild cognitive changes, say as early in the 50s when they are Obese, when they start to decrease their food intake, as the disease progresses, the extra weight proves to be protective. Did that make sense? It makes sense to me. Being underweight at ages 60 and 70 proved to increase mortality. They tend to forget to cook, not eat, or just don’t want too. In another words, it is mixed. You need to not be Obese in midlife and below to help prevent Dementia in the first place, but if you are obese in your 60s and 70s it is protective because you are going to need a little extra weight when you don’t want to eat anymore. If you are young and you think carrying all this extra weight does not seem to be harming me, you might want to rethink that.

The reasons for this is most likely because of the inflammatory processes caused by Obesity, and vascular changes caused by Obesity. If you don’t want Dementia, and trust me you probably don’t, giving yourself a little self love now, by losing weight, and maintaining it can help prevent Dementia. Following the Mediterranean Diet is a great start. This style of eating has been shown to be protective against Dementia, and other chronic illnesses too.

If you would like to start walking to increase your daily activity, check out my Walking Buddy Plan.


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Family Cook Off #2

I totally forgot to share this on Tuesday, so I am sharing it today instead. There will be a few other tidbits in this post.

On Tuesday, my husband, daughter, and myself held the second round of our Family Cook Off. This is meant to be fun, family time, and a little competition too. This time my husband was the judge, and it was me against my daughter. My husband picked the theme of grilled cheese with one other topping. At first I thought, how dreadfully boring, but I was able to find a fancy grilled cheese that I was sure was a winner. Apparently, I was wrong because my daughter won, even though my husband was impressed with my culinary grilled cheese skills. I called foul because mine was way more creative, but hers had bacon, so yeah bacon. I do not care for bacon, but I still had to at least taste it, and I admit it was very good.

Caitlin’s Grilled Cheese: Brioche bread, American cheese, bacon slices, sweet red onions, and Thousand Island Dressing. I have to admit the dressing added a very nice touch with the bacon. I did not care for the onions on it, and tomatoes probably would have made more sense.

My Grilled Cheese: Brioche bread, Kerry Gold Savory Cheddar Cheese, blueberries cooked down in Balsamic Vinegar and a tiny bit of brown sugar. Honestly, this was delicious, though I think the vinegar was a smidge too much for me. But, if I had used an even stronger cheese I think it would have been a knockout. The savory cheddar is strong, but wasn’t strong enough. I also think I should have gotten more credit for trying a healthier grilled cheese, just saying.

We wanted to do these challenges each week, but it really is too much to plan and get ready for it weekly. So, we are thinking twice a month will work better. I get to pick the theme for the next one, and I am thinking obviously about pumpkins. It won’t have to be pumpkin food, but rather it can be shaped like a pumpkin, or any other pumpkin theme. I already know my recipe, lol. Is that cheating? Hmm.

My husband and I have challenged ourselves to lose 10 pounds before Halloween, and then next month to keep it off. I have lost 2.5 pounds so far, and feeling like this might not be possible. He has not disclosed how much he has lost, but he is cutting his calories.

Pizza is something my family loves. I do like pizza, but it is so calorie, and fat heavy. Frozen pizzas, even so called healthier options, are not really all that healthy imo. So, tonight I will be making some homemade pizza dough, and giving it a try. My family is very fussy about pizza, so I am hoping this will be a hit. Other times I tried were not that successful. They are so used to high amounts of salt, fat, and sugar in the dough. I am going to try herbs to spice up the dough and add tons of flavor! I will be using this recipe for the basic dough, and then adding what I need. I will report next week how it ends up being. I have a lot of shredded cheese in the fridge that I need to use up, as well as some whole wheat flour that I will be mixing with the all purpose flour for the dough. Wish me luck!

Have a Fabulous Friday, and I hope to see you back her Monday!

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Holy Fructosenomics!

OK, so I totally made that word up. But, I had already done a post last year titled What the Fructose! So, I had to come up with something. For the purposes of this post, because the topic is very complex, and there is a lot to it, I am going to make some key points I want you to know. There will be some other articles below, for you to read. If you are not used to reading medical research they might be kind of kwonky. I do a lot of research when I do these kinds of posts, and believe it or not there is not a lot of actual recent research on High Fructose Corn Syrup, you can probably guess why, ahem lobbyists. Now, with that said there is no evidence that High Fructose Corn Syrup actually causes obesity, but there is definitely a correlation. But, I found some other facts more interesting rather than if it makes you fat. I am not talking about Fructose found in fruit. I am talking about HFCS as an additive to almost everything you might eat that is processed.

  1. There is no good research that states HFCS makes you obese. However, there is very good evidence that it causes fatty liver disease, increases all types of bad fats in the body, can possibly cause CKD whoa what, causes High Blood Pressure, and wait for it causes Metabolic Dysregulation ie. Metabolic Syndrome, the one thing I told you you don’t want to have if you are overweight, or obese. So, maybe doctors have gotten this backwards all these years. It might not be Obesity that can cause Metabolic Syndrome, but rather Metabolic Syndrome causes Obesity. Woop there it is! Be sure and read the thousands of articles I will provide below.
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup does not get broken down in the body like regular sugar. Our bodies, apparently, do not contain digestive enzymes that break HFCS down into a usable form of energy, and is rather sent to the liver to be stored as fat, and the liver tries to break it down. This makes perfect sense to me when you look at the issue of visceral, or abdominal fat being the main culprit of health and disease risk factors. If you are consuming too much HFCS then the liver can store, it will be stored as extra fat in the abdominal area, and around your organs. Insulin has no effects on HFCS.
  3. HFCS is much sweeter, and cheaper than regular table sugar. While it is true table sugar is half glucose and half fructose, the body has enzymes to break that down.
  4. HFCS is added to almost all processed foods. There are some that it isn’t but you have to read labels, and they are sneaky too. Be sure and read my other two posts on this topic.
  5. Some of my favorite products, yep calling them out, contain HFCS: Welch’s grape jelly, Heinz Catsup, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce, salad dressings, Jif Peanut Butter, sat it isn’t so! My family hates the ones with no HFCS because they are addicted to the sweetness, so I have to buy two types, and hope they will at least try to get used to the non HFCS brands. They are more expensive too.
  6. Big companies making a gazillion dollars using cheap sweetener that almost certainly is causing us humans damage.
  7. Limiting added sugars, and especially HFCS to only 25 grams per day, or less, will help you get rid of stubborn belly fat, not sit ups, not low carb, or whatever whacky diet is out there. You will also see your cholesterol and triglycerides go down. All of these will be future topics.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to read labels, plan meals that are healthy, avoid processed foods including eating out. I have a family. They love these types of foods, and I enjoy them too, in moderation, but it is a struggle that needs to be overcome for the health and wellbeing of my whole family.

The best thing you can do for your health, and the health of your family is to stop eating foods with HFCS, imo.


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Sugar and Obesity!

Hello, and welcome to another Healthy Tips on Tuesday post. October is Obesity Awareness Month, or improve your Metabolic Syndrome Health Marker if you prefer. You will find two videos below. I urge you to watch them both. Remember not only fat people have Metabolic Syndrome, and not all Obese people do either. But, if you are on a weight loss journey you simply can not ignore sugars.

Why can you not ignore sugars if you are on a weight loss journey, especially added sugars? I will give you some examples below, and what to try to limit your sugars to, to lose weight. Please note if you are a Diabetic this could be dangerous for you. Please talk to your doctor about Carb control, rather than sugar consumption.

Here is an example. When I look at a box of pasta, which is high in carbs, it only has 2 grams of total sugar per serving, zero of which are added sugars. The same thing with a baked potato, not sweet potato though. A baked potato has only 2 grams of total sugar, per potato, and of course none are added sugars. I used those two examples because pasta, and potatoes, are the arch nemesis of many weight loss diets. Pasta, enriched pasta especially, is a good source of nutrients, as are baked potatoes.

Now, the evidence is mixed on whether added sugars cause Obesity or not, or at least that is what the sugar industry say. I think the evidence is stark. Since the 1980’s when Obesity really started to take off, is when Americans started to eat more processed, readily available, easy to make meals. Watch the videos the stats are right there.

Quitting sugar is hard. It might even be addicting, read my post on this topic. My research shows that discretionary sugar may be the very reason you can’t lose weight. Wait, what? Discretionary sugar, what is that? After you have consumed all of the nutrients your body needs for a day you might have discretionary sugar left to eat in your day. WTH! That sounds horrible to have to try and track, understand, or even care about. Here is an easier method. For women you can eat up to 50 grams sugar, total, in a day, only 25 grams of that 50 should be added sugars. For men just double it. One thing to be careful of, though, is like for me I drink a Welch’s juice that does have sugars, but they are not added sugars. This does not mean I can drink as much as I want. I add only a small amount to my regular water to add flavor. Most processed foods, even organic processed foods, will most likely have added sugars in them. For me, right now, I am not focusing on the total sugars, but rather the added sugars. I am tracking that, ok only 1 day so far, to see if I notice any difference in weight loss, and more importantly waist circumference, as that is actually my goal. It is going to be tough to stick to 25 grams today, because it is family cookoff challenge night and I have to eat two sandwiches. But, I think the bread I bought will be OK. Yesterday, my tracking app said I ate 59 grams of total sugars, but I didn’t keep track of added sugars. But, I still lost some ounces when I weighed myself this morning.

I will be looking more into this sugar topic in upcoming posts, especially in relation to Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s Disease.


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