Throwback thursday: sunglasses

Hello, to all of my readers. I have been among the blogging missing. I have been under the weather for the past two days, but I feel a little better today. At least I can stay awake long enough to do a quick blog post. This post may contain affiliate links.

Last week I did a post on eye glasses through the years. Today, I will look at sunglasses. This is all in relation to Eye Health. Why should we wear sunglasses to begin with? I did not realize this completely but the sun, when your eyes are unprotected, can actually change the DNA in the eyes. This can lead to an increase risk for Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and a type of Cancer on the whites of the eye. Also, of note it doesn’t matter if you buy 600 dollar sunglasses, or 1 dollar sunglasses. If you can get polarized that is even better. Watch the two videos below for all of the details.

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