funny friday!

On Wednesday I finished up my Brain Health series with how laughter effects the brain. So, I thought I would make sure my readers get plenty of chances to laugh out loud. The video below will make you laugh, I promise. Not only will you laugh out loud, but you might even cry. I did! That is how hard I laughed. Not all of it is laugh out loud funny, but it will bring a smile to your face. This post may contain affiliate links.

It is finally sunny here in Florida. For the past two weeks I have only gotten in my pool once because all it does is rain. Now don’t get me wrong we really needed rain. My garden is very happy! The first Hurricane of the season has formed and her name is Elsa. All of us in Florida need to watch this very closely and even if it is not a wind event, it will definitely mean more rain. As of right now Tues or Wed are the target days to watch. If you know about hurricanes then you know they are very fickle and what is today may not be tomorrow. Be sure and check out my series on Hurricane Prep in the archives. Here is one of the more popular posts.

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