laugh out loud for brain health~

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You probably have heard the saying, laughter is the best medicine. Well, apparently it is good for your brain health too. Of course it is hard to quantify what is funny and what isn’t, because we all have different opinions on what is funny. Some people find offensive things to be quite funny, while others find that material just offensive. Kids, pets, pranks, etc can be quite funny, and entertaining. Maybe you have a favorite sitcom that just brings you to tears. I personally love the Carol Burnett Show, especially when Tim Conway is on. There is even something called laughing yoga, and a study was done on that topic. Apparently it is being used with people with Dementia as it seems to help improve their wellbeing. Laughter can help with Depression, Pain, and other neurological disorders, though it is not completely certain why, and more tests definitely need to be done. But, in the end if laughter can help our Brain Health, just do it. There is a link below on some small studies done on laughter and Brain Health. Be sure to read it, it is very interesting. Some physicians are being encouraged to prescribe to their patients 30 minutes of laughing per week. I am not quite sure how they came to that particular dose, because I would think it should be every day.

Below, you will see some videos that hopefully will make you laugh out loud! One video is actually about how laughter works.


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