day 6: It’s getting easier now, 21 grams of fat

Welcome to day 6 of my Zero Point Food/Very Low Fat Challenge. Now that I am 6 days in I am finding it quite easy to follow the food modifications without feeling like I am dieting. Being prepared by shopping for lower fat items, meal planning, and meal prep are vital to keep this on track. It will be interesting come this Friday when we are eating out for Father’s Day. I have to work on Father’s Day, so the kids and I are treating my husband on Friday. I am hoping to be able to stay within my guidelines of the challenge, read day 1 if you are interested in the guidelines. I have not felt hungry at all on this challenge, matter of fact I am quite full. I did not eat all of my food items for my dinner last night as I was so full. I am also not finding a need, or urge to snack. I feel good and have tons of energy. Be sure and read all of the previous days, as I will not recap each day and things I have learned in every post.

Today, is a work day. I work second shift, so I have to bring some kind of a dinner. While my job does allow us to eat food they prepare, I am always leary of this unless I know exactly what is in it, or how it was cooked. Last night I hard boiled some eggs in the Instapot, so I could be prepared for today. Remember eggs are a zero point food on the list of Zero Point foods from WW. They are higher in fat, but are a super good source of protein and are versatile.

What I have already eaten, and what I will eat for today on the challenge. Remember that I do not count drinks, which typically add about 150 calories to my day,

Breakfast: Pretty much everyday it is just coffee with Premier Protein 2 tbsp as my creamer.

Lunch: I have already eaten my lunch even though it is kind of early. This is typical on a work day. You can see in the images below that I had two hard boiled eggs, 1/2 tbsp of Hellman’s Low Fat mayo, on an Aunt Millie’s mini sub roll, with one piece of Romaine lettuce. I sprinkle it with Paprika for flavor. Since we still have corn leftover, I had one ear of corn removed from the cob with 1/2 tbsp of Land O Lakes whipped butter. This was very filling.

Dinner: I will be taking with me 1 cup of 1% cottage cheese, 3 large strawberries, 10 green grapes, sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, and 32 Snyder’s pretzel nuggets. If you have CKD like me, cottage cheese can be very high in sodium, so be sure to eat it sparingly.

Nutrition Info: According to my food tracking app

Calories: 846

Total Fat: 21 grams

Saturated Fat: 6.6 grams

Cholesterol: 392 mg. This is well over the RDA, however I do not eat eggs every day.

Sodium: 1435 mg. This is below my daily goal of 2,000 mg per day

Total Carbs: 126 grams

Net Carbs: 120 grams

Protein: 41 grams


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