Low calorie food #3

Happy Friday! Today is my Orthopedic consult for my injured shoulder. While I was able to work yesterday without too much discomfort, I also did not lift or pull on anyone. My boss was in agreement to these terms for me to work. I have a feeling this will need to continue if I am going to work until it completely heals. This post may contain affiliate links.

Today, I am going to discuss the 3rd low calorie food item in my new series. Cantaloupe is this week’s featured food. Cantaloupe is a Musk Melon and I have one plant growing in my garden. I decided to give it a try even though the directions said it needed a lot of room to grow. I have placed it in one of the raised beds all by itself and it has several blossoms that I hope will produce fruit. I have never really eaten much Cantaloupe. It is an awesome source for Vitamins, C, A, plus Potassium, and Folate. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin which means in order for the body to absorb the Vitamin A properly it must be eaten with a fat source. So, bring on some yummy fruit dip or whipped topping full fat variety. Just use it in proper portion sizes. I think a lot of times people don’t realize when they remove fat completely from their diet they probably are not absorbing vital nutrients properly, as well as when they take a supplement. You can read more about this here.

Per my Nutrition Facts app 1/2 cup of raw cantaloupe contains the following nutrients: There are others but these are the basics.

Water: 90 grams. This is a lot of water. If you are on fluid restrictions be sure to account for water in foods. If you are underhydrated have some cantaloupe.

Calories: Only 34 calories per 1/2 cup

Protein: Less than 1 gram

Fat: .19 gram

Fiber: 1 gram

Carbs: 8 grams

Calcium: 9 mg

Magnesium: 12 mg

Phosphorus: 15 mg this is a great choice if you have to watch your phosphorus intake

Potassium: 267 mg. If you have CKD this is a high Potassium option. Either have a 1/4 cup or be sure and adjust you other potassium food items the rest of the day.

Sodium: 16 mg

Vitamin C: 37 mg

Folate: 21 ug

Vitamin A RAE: 169 ug

Vitamin A IU: 3382 IU

Vitamin K: 2.5 ug

Did you know there are two different types of Vitamin A? Watch the videos below to learn more about this, and other facts about this awesome low calorie food. You can actually get too much Vitamin A. Be sure to read these safety facts and foods that are good sources of Vitamin A.

The purpose of these low calorie food posts is to help anyone who is overweight and needs to lose weight to make better food options.


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