5 Reasons why you should care about your blood Pressure!

What are they? Your brain, heart, eyes, kidneys, and penis. Yep, you read that right! Those are 5 perfect reasons to care about your Blood Pressure. This post may contain affiliate links.

May is Blood Pressure Awareness month here on Health Buddy Melissa. All month I am sharing posts on the topic of Blood Pressure. Most people don’t even know they have high Blood Pressure because they never have it checked, or don’t see a doctor to have it checked.

How does Blood Pressure affect these 5 organs. Below is a short description, then you will find several videos that explain it in visual form.

The brain: High Blood Pressure is a risk factor for Vascular Dementia, and Stroke. Trust me you don’t want either of these if you can avoid it.

The heart: Not only can High Blood Pressure lead to Heart Disease, but also Heart Attack. Heart disease can be a very debilitating disorder, and Heart Attack is the most likely end result of Heart Disease if it is left untreated. Blood pressure is not the only risk factor for Heart Disease.

The eyes: Did you know you can have a Stroke in your eyes? Yep, it is true. Eye doctors may be able to detect High Blood Pressure early if you see an eye doctor regularly. Retinal damage, eye stroke, vision loss, plus other diseases of the eye can be related to High Blood Pressure.

The kidneys: As someone with CKD I have done a whole host of posts on Blood Pressure and the kidneys. Here are some for you to review. https://healthbuddymelissa.coach/2021/03/09/does-blood-pressure-cause-kidney-disease-or-does-kidney-disease-cause-high-blood-pressure/, https://healthbuddymelissa.coach/2021/04/17/are-you-stressing-your-kidneys-out/,

The Penis: For all you men out there your plumbing won’t work right if you have High Blood Pressure. As a matter of fact for men Erectile Dysfunction is an early sign that you might have a blood pressure issue. So see your doctor asap!

For all of these reasons everyone should have their blood pressure checked at least monthly. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, either. Statistics show that younger people are getting High Blood Pressure much earlier.


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