when you are afraid to feel you turn to drugs

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Be sure and check out my May Health Challenge. Anyone can join in, and it is free.

It was in the 90’s this weekend which afforded me the opportunity to clean the pool. When I am in the pool I generally have on SiriusXM 90’s on 9, or 80’s on 8. I love when they do the weekly song countdowns from those years when I was young and crazy. I tend to tune out the DJ’s, honestly, but yesterday a quote caught my attention. Bob Seger, when he wrote the song, American Storm, was quoted as saying, “When you are afraid to feel, for whatever the reason, you turn to drugs.” That got me thinking about Mindfulness and how it can be a very effective tool to be in the moment and without judgement notice your feelings, and learn to accept them and deal with them. Fear is a powerful emotion, and we all experience it. Being afraid to feel certain feelings is normal to some extent. What is fearful to some others will think is stupid. Fear is not always rational, or have a reason. It can drive you to do things you didn’t expect you would. Drugs numb you and make you not feel anything. He was speaking in particular about Cocaine, but Nicotine, and Alcohol also can have these numbing affects as well. Legal drugs can also be abused and become addictive. Some people even say food is a drug for them, and they eat to escape their feelings.

None of this is meant to bring people down, but since May is High Blood Pressure, or Hypertension Awareness Month, and some illicit drugs, like Cocaine can cause High Blood Pressure, it was a great topic. The video below is not very exciting but it does cover this topic. There are other legal drugs that also can cause High Blood Pressure.

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You can read in the archives about Stress, and methods for dealing with Stress.


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