does history repeat itself? 100 years apart, Compare the spanish flu to covid 19!

Welcome to Thinking on Thursday! I just finished the video below on the Spanish Flu and I was struck by the similarities in the two pandemics. The statement, History repeats itself, came to my mind. Watch the video and see what you think. Pay particular attention to the politics of the Pandemic, how various states, and cities all responded differently, and in particular how society in general reacted to guidelines for mitigating the spread of the virus. I also found it quite interesting as the rhetoric that ended up with the name Spanish Flu. It is not too unfamiliar with what some Americans choose to call the Wuhan Flu. With all the knowledge, Science, and modern technology available at the start of Covid 19 you would think this Pandemic would have been much different. But, alas even after a 100 years humans still have similar, even selfish responses to a Pandemic. It is kind of sad, really, that History, even in a modern world, will most certainly repeat itself. What about in another 100 years. Will humanity have learned nothing from the past?

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