Does blood pressure cause kidney disease, or does kidney Disease cause high blood pressure?

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is well. It is a beautiful day here today in Florida. I got to get my vegetable and fruit seeds started, and some other gardening done as well. I am hoping tomorrow to do yard work and a few other outdoor things.

Keeping with the theme of Kidney Disease this month, here is a question for you. Does High Blood Pressure cause Kidney Disease, or does Kidney Disease cause High Blood Pressure? Well, actually it can be both, but the two most causes of Kidney Disease are Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. High Blood Pressure effects the kidneys because of the tiny blood vessels that get hardened and less able to do their job. Much like in the heart, where the blood vessels of the heart can get hard and less effective due to High Blood Pressure. As blood pressure increases the kidneys can lose function. Controlling your blood pressure is one of the best things you can do for preventing and or slowing the progression of Kidney Disease. The video below will help to explain blood pressure and kidneys. Two things he said at the end I would really like to stress to my readers. The first thing he said is that the best, and easiest thing you can do for your blood pressure is to start using the DASH Diet. I talked about the DASH Diet last week. You can read it here. The second thing he said that really caught my attention is that the places that Americans over consume salt is in breads and dairy. Think about that. Bread and dairy are the two biggest ways we are consuming excess salt. I don’t really drink milk, but I do eat about an ounce of cheese usually daily. I don’t eat a lot of bread, either.

Please note that having a low blood pressure is also dangerous. Please do not make drastic changes to your diet, without being followed by your doctor, especially if you take blood pressure medications. Simply communicate with your doctor of the things you would like to change, and then ask to be monitored and followed for any issues that may arise.

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