My very exciting kidney update!

Happy Monday! What do you think of my new logo, and color scheme? I think I need a brighter more colorful one, too, especially for social media. If you read this blog, then you already know I have had CKD since 20`17. You would also know that it has been my goal to get back to stage 2, which is an eGFR above 60. In early 2018 I got so close, at 58, but my blood creatinine was stubbornly still elevated enough to keep me at stage 3, Through the years I have read, studied, researched and tweaked my diet, among other things, to try and figure out how to get my creatinine levels down, but still consume enough protein to have a good and active life. I think I have finally perfected it, because when I had my labs done on Friday I was at stage 2, with an eGFR of 63. I was so excited! My urinalysis results came back on Saturday, and that confirmed it for me, because all was good. Getting here was hard enough, maintaining it will be even harder. If you ever have had to follow a restrictive diet you know how hard it can be long term. It has to become habit so that it just becomes natural. BTW I have checked and while most experts say it is uncommon to get from stage 3b to stage 2, they do not say it is impossible. Always have hope!

So, how did I do it? Well for one thing I still need to speak to my Kidney Doctor. I see him next week. He is kind of a Debbie Downer so I don’t know as he will be as optimistic as me, especially since when I was first diagnosed he basically said there was nothing to do except wait for Dialysis. Ha! It has been a long 4 years, and a lot of stress and hassle from family, friends and even coworkers about my dietary needs, and other lifestyle changes. You may have read my article on losing weight to improve eGFR. In that article I talked about how losing just a little bit of weight can help improve eGFR. In October I started a lower carb diet. I followed that diet for 4 months and was able to lose 15 pounds. But, then it stopped working. So, I went to a Carb Cycling type eating plan, which after a month has caused me to gain back 4 of those pounds. So, I am going back to the lower carb way of eating, and increasing my exercise intensity. So, was the source correct, was the weight loss the reason for the increase in my eGFR? Possibly, but I think it was a combination of things. In 2018 when it was 58 I was following a very particular way of eating, and I read an article that reinforced that thought in the Fall of last year. I have been doing that since September of 2020 and I think that is the main driver of my progress. Before, I go any further, I have to say the lower carb diet appears to have increased my Cholesterol above normal, and my LDL. I mention this because if you read some of the experts out there they are stating that eating higher fat diets, and even saturated fats, will not increase your Cholesterol. This does not appear to be true. I need to get these levels back down so I will be going to a lower fat diet along with the lower carb diet. I can’t sacrifice my heart to save my kidney, or lose a little weight. That makes absolutely no sense. I will be requesting my bloodwork be repeated in 3 months to check that progress. The next set of kidney labs, probably in 6 months, but he may want to do sooner, will tell me everything about the changes I have implemented. No, I did not follow Lee Hull’s book, before anyone asks me.

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