Valentine’s day dessert idea

Tomorrow I will share a video for lower carb Superbowl food ideas. I have not made any of them yet, but I will tell you which one I will be making and how I will adapt it to my needs.

But, today I am sharing this Valentine’s Day dessert idea I found on Pinterest. Puff pastry can be higher in sodium and obviously is not low in carbs, but it is better than chocolate. I would say you could drizzle chocolate or caramel over the top of this when it is done baking and that would be splendid. I will actually be making this and I will let you know how it comes out. I don’t have all of the ingredients on hand, and well obviously Valentine’s Day is not until the 14th. The video is self explanatory, though not in English. You can use the translate button for the ingredients and directions to English. You will find the recipe and video, here. Let me know if you make this.

I did not get any of my Health Coaching Plans updated yesterday, but I did get some clutter removed. I was asked to sit on a Board of Directors and learning about that experience took up a lot of my day. Today it is much warmer and I got some gardening done. I have peas, onions, broccoli, lettuce, carrots and basil coming up. I also got the pool partially vacuumed because I can not get in it yet. It has been a very cold winter and that water is 50 degrees right now.

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