Updates from health buddy melissa

Happy Hump Day! I am in the process of my 30 day home/declutter purge challenge. I am getting a lot done, but my blog, computer, email all needs some purging too. That will be next month’s challenge I guess. All this week I will be working on updating my Health Buddy Melissa plans. I do this every year revising and making them more targeted and with just better wording. This is just a natural process of growth. But, as this takes up a lot of time it doesn’t leave much time for doing new posts. So, this week will all be short posts targeted to things that might be popular on Social Media or in the News. Obviously, the most important Health topic right now in the news is Covid. My husband got his second dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. He is very tired today. While he was able to go to work he needed a nap when he got home. I am due for mine on the 24th. The doctor below explains the mRNA vaccines in a succinct easy to understand way. Be sure and check it out if you are wondering how these new vaccines work.


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