gift idea #9, Meal Prep, My walking stats and christmas songs

Since I don’t want to bombard my email followers with more than one post in a day I guess I will have more than one topic in a post. This morning was super cold, again. So, I decided to do some meal prep to reduce waste of some food that was going to go bad. I don’t usually do meal prep but I have been watching some videos and reading some books, and it really can reduce food waste. Since I menu plan it might mean I have to change my menu for the week, but that really is not that big of a deal. You can see all of the images from my meal prepping below. First, I had apples that were going to go bad so I made homemade banana apple muffins. I used this recipe, except I used an all purpose baking mix because that is what I had on hand, 2 apples and one banana. I used brown sugar instead of white sugar. I was going to use Stevia, but I was afraid my husband wouldn’t eat them. If you use an all purpose baking mix you probably don’t need the baking powder. Check the ingredients on the box. These were super easy and delicious. You can see in the images I made full size and mini muffins. The best I can figure, according to my Fitbit nutrition tracker, each mini muffin has 80 calories and 10 total carbs. Later tonight for dinner I will be using the rest of the all purpose baking mix to make pancakes. I am making a ton so they can be frozen and then eaten when someone wants on or two. The muffins can also be frozen, but I don’t see them lasting very long, lol. My husband liked them, a lot. Since pancakes are high in phosphorus be sure and use only the portion sizes recommended on the box. If you are low carb measure your pancake batter and track the carbs. I still have 3 apples and I need to decide what to do with them. I might just cook them down with brown sugar and cinnamon and make a topping for ice cream, yogurt or cottage cheese. Yum that sounds good. Next, I still had 4 cups of cabbage left from that head I bought over a week ago. I decided to make egg roll in a bowl. This was so easy and good. I simply cooked an onion, the cabbage, 1 pound of mild Italian sausage, garlic powder, pepper and leftover broccoli in a frying pan until it was all cooked. Then I added Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce. I only added half the bottle. You can see the nutrition info for the sauce below, and the cooked results. I had 3/4 of a cup of this for lunch, and one mini muffin. This was so good, and I got at least 3 more lunches out of it. My husband may or may not like this. I know my daughter won’t.

People who have CKD like snacks and treats just like anyone else. However, they do have to be a little more mindful of the choices they make. Too much sugar, sodium, fat, potassium and phosphorus are all things to consider when they choose snacks and treats. For today’s gift idea I chose a gift basket with acceptable snacks and treats for CKD. You can buy a lovely basket, here are some ideas, and add treats and snacks. Please remember that nuts and chocolate are not good choices, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a tiny bit. If they are stage 5 it might be absolutely not suggested. Here you can read about acceptable candy treats to put in the basket, for people with CKD. There is also a video below with the fruits and veggies that have more acceptable levels of potassium for people with CKD. I think a treat and snack basket is a great idea for someone with CKD. I have CKD and I know I would really appreciate this kind of gift.

Yesterday, I said I was going to share my walking stats and then poof I forgot. Below you will see my stats for Monday and Tuesday. I walk a lot, lol.

Tis the season for Christmas music. I am sure you have some favorites, and so do I. Now until New Years on each post I will share one of my favorites. Leave me a note in the comments what your favorites are, and if you have a favorite artist that sings them. Check out my first pick below.

If you would like to learn about my Health Coaching Plans, click here. There is a contact form after all of the images if you would like to contact me.



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