14 Days of gratitude: days 9 and 10 plus some food and a video

Updated 11/19/2021: I am really grateful for Grammarly as I update my posts and see the mistakes I made, lol.

My internet would not cooperate yesterday, so I have to do days 9 and 10 today.

Yesterday, I was grateful for my husband. While not perfect, none of us are, he is a good man and a good husband. He works hard, likes to laugh, and loves his children. As a wife, those are the things I am most grateful for. But, before I was his wife, I could tell he was kind, smart, driven, a great friend, loyal, and family was important to him. I am grateful to him every day.

Today, I am grateful for my children. I have a boy and a girl. I have homeschooled my children ever since 2007. I have graduated one and the other is almost there. That chapter in my life will soon be over. Even though I have been their teacher all these years, they have taught me so much. I am grateful I was blessed with the gift of motherhood.

If you have been following along then you know a lot of my gratitude has been about Nature. I found this old TedX talk on Youtube about gratitude and nature. I encourage you to watch it.

Yesterday, I made the Hillbilly Casserole. It was good and definitely affordable. Not especially healthy, though. Come back tomorrow and I will share the very easy recipe.

Today, my family is having cheeseburgers and the box of mac n cheese that didn’t get eaten last week. There is still salad in there if they choose to have it, or other veggies. We also have some homemade pizza left from Friday. I will share that easy recipe also, tomorrow. It was also definitely affordable. I will be taking some of the leftover pork and beans I made last week, along with Hillbilly Casserole to work. I think the pork and beans will add a little more health to the Hillbilly Casserole.

I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet? I have. I don’t want to be in the stores with a ton of shoppers during Covid.


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