14 days of gratitude day 5 and Basket App

Happy Tuesday! OMG it is only in the 70’s today and I love it! This is my kind of weather. Today’s prompt for the 14 Days of Gratitude Challenge is: something I didn’t have last year that I do have this year.

So, I guess I can’t really say I have this as I don’t own it, but I definitely didn’t have it last year. In January of this year my teenage daughter and I started volunteering at a local dog rescue. We go every Tuesday morning and it has added so many rewards to both of our lives. I am grateful I took a chance on a lesser known rescue, for all the amazing dogs we have got to meet, and all of the other wonderful volunteers. This is not our first time volunteering somewhere. I encourage my children to volunteer. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and it is so important to stress the importance of giving back to our local communities. My children are very different in personality, so we have volunteered at different places in different ways. I am so grateful for the experience and lessons we have learned. I highly encourage you to volunteer especially with your children. You won’t be sorry. Plus, we get tons of fresh air and exercise.

I found the best app I have ever used, the other day. Basket is an app that compares prices for items you want to buy showing where the lowest price is. I went into Dollar General today intending to get Breyer’s ice cream for 4 dollars a gallon. Unfortunately, it was all sold out. But, I found a huge tub of vanilla ice cream for only a dollar more. So, I bought that. It wasn’t Breyer’s but my family doesn’t care the brand of the ice cream. This is for Thanksgiving pie. I used the app to compare prices at Dollar General and other stores I would shop at and was able to get my green beans, brown sugar, pasta, and evaporated milk all for less than Walmart was offering. I have spent 15.30 out of my 50 dollar budget for this next week, but I got 25 cents refunded from Ibotta, so I only spent 15.05 so far. I must add we already got our turkey weeks ago, so that was in a different weekly budget. Ibotta is another great app, though sometimes I find it quite annoying. If you are buying a lot of food the receipt will be too large, and I have had items denied. Keep your receipt if you are denied so you can fix whatever they say is the issue and get your refund. So, I still have 34.95 left in next week’s food budget.

We were supposed to have ravioli tonight, but everyone is tired of pasta and sauce after 3 days of ziti. So, we are saving the ravioli and having hot dogs and mac n cheese. I probably will have a hot dog and tomatoes on the side, as I need more protein today, but not more carbs. Remember, I am low carb.

Another note about Ibotta, they are offering Thanksgiving dinner for free. I looked at it, and added the items to my list, I mean free. The catch is we will be donating all of this food to my mother as she will most likely not come to Thanksgiving dinner, and I don’t blame her, due to Covid safety issues. So, this will be small enough for her to make herself and share with her pups and kitties. We do self checkout so I will just do a separate receipt. This is offered at a variety of stores through Ibotta.

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