phosphorus and kidney disease!

Happy Thursday! Parts of Florida were hit with a heavy Tropical Storm over night, but we didn’t get much at all. This was not exactly what I was going to write about today, but when I found this video on Youtube I was so happy.

I have been talking about Phosphorus this week. I have done several posts in the past on this topic. Now, while she is talking about Phosphorus in relation to dialysis patients, my research shows that anyone with Kidney Disease should try to keep their daily intake between 800-900 mg per day. One said 1000 mg per day. If you want to preserve your kidney function and possibly avoid dialysis monitoring your Phosphorus intake can help. All kidney patients are different. For example I don’t have issues with Potassium, but I am starting to think Phosphorus may be an issue for me. Tracking Phosphorus intake can be complicated and don’t forget our bodies need Phosphorus to function properly. I am not sure I have mentioned this point before, but she mentioned it in the video. Phosphorus helps to control ATP in our bodies which in easy terns is what helps us use energy. My back yard is exactly 125 steps around. I walk at least 5 laps every hour, and 10-15 laps after meals. Not only is this great to help with weight loss, but it also helps my body use Phosphorus through ATP, giving my kidneys a break in having to remove it from the body. Also, if you par-boil meats it decreases the amount of Phosphorus in meats. Be sure and drain the meat before you eat it.

I only watched half of the video as the second half is all questions and answers. Message me if you would like to use my health coaching services to help you learn about controlling your kidney disease.