Holy Chicken!

I watched this video last night after researching some more food topics for my teen for her upcoming Nutrition course. Just to note, we eat meat in my house. I don’t eat much, my husband loves it, and my daughter loves chicken. Mostly chicken breast, or hamburger meat. Did you know hamburger meat is the most popular meat in the USA? No one in my house is ever going to be Vegan. However, I think everyone should be aware of how food is raised, treated, slaughtered etc. Then we can make informed decisions about the foods we eat. Also, of note, I am currently on a low carb diet for weight loss. That means I need meat to make up for carbs in my diet. Once I hit my goal weight, maybe then I can go vegan. Before anyone messages me to tell me about protein in plant based foods, I know, trust me. But, they also have higher amounts of carbs a lot of them. Some I can’t even tolerate.

Anyway, back to the video below. Maybe you saw the first Super Size Me. It was years ago, and my daughter will also be watching that one as she loves McDonald’s food. This new Super Size Me video is more about how food is raised and the food industry in general. I urge you to watch it all the way to the end, because I was surprised where he went with it.

Happy Friday! Oh, and on our budget menu today is grilled cheese and tomato soup. I had no idea tomato soup has so many carbs, so I will just have sliced roma tomatoes on my sandwich. I will add a hard boiled egg for extra protein and fill me upper.

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