$25 dollar save a lot food challenge! What did we buy?

I finally got my car back at 3 PM today. In the images below you can see everything we bought, plus the receipt. I crossed the two items that were not part of food, and the total came to 25.42. Now, if you didn’t need milk, or creamer, it would have added 5 more dollars to get food. Since we almost always have cheese milk could have been eliminated. But, my husband considers milk a necessity, so it had to be part of the needs pile. You will see after we bought what we absolutely needed, the bigger pile, I was able to get creamer, a bag of carrots and bananas. Bananas were dirt cheap. My daughter wanted green grapes, but not only did they not have any, they would have been most surely too expensive. The fourth item was a box of juice pouches that my daughter wanted. She could drink water, but we had some money left, and that is what she chose. Part of this challenge, for me, is teaching her how her food choices can effect her health and budget. Plus, what if she only had access to a Save A Lot? Learning to adjust items for what is available is hugely important. They did not have Totinos Pizza Rolls that would fit the budget, so she picked 3 cheese and peperoni pizzas. We bought no meat, because we have some already on hand, but eggs could easily substitute for meat, plus we always have peanut butter in the pantry. When we start exhausting our supply on hand, I will have to increase the budget from 25 to 40, which is still a significant reduction in our grocery spending normal budget. These challenges are only for food and does not count non food items which will be removed from the receipt. This food, plus what we have on hand, will go until Monday. The only item that could be added to our inventory list was the bag of carrots.

Tonight’s dinner will be Chicken nuggets, salad and pasta. I have homemade marinara sauce still in the fridge for the pasta. My husband is the only one that will require it. My daughter will eat it with butter and salt. Any pasta left over will go for tomorrow’s meal, pasta salad. The chicken nuggets are super easy. I have bread crumbs already. I cut the chicken into nugget sizes, dredge in egg and bread crumbs then fry in oil. Salad will be just some of the bag salad, some cucumber, tomato and cheese. I already have tomatoes on hand from my Misfits delivery last week. We also already have salad dressing on hand. I don’t make one big salad, as I find it goes bad much faster that way. I make individual bowls of it and then bag everything back in the freezer. I am low carb so my chicken will be just pan fried with garlic and seasoning, no pasta for me tonight, and a salad.

I got a small cabbage head in my Misfits delivery, so I made some coleslaw for lunches. I like coleslaw, and for the record I only like mine, served over a baked potato. That will be my lunch for the next few days. My husband may have some as well, just not over a baked potato. If you would like my coleslaw recipe, leave me a comment. I truly make the best coleslaw.

Use the contact form to message me to ask questions about any of my coaching services. I put Turmeric in my smoothie this morning. I didn’t even know it was there. Are you taking the Turmeric Challenge?