That is not bread!

If you have been reading this blog then you know I have applied much attention to food and nutrition. All of these topics will be a Nutrition course for my high school homeschooled daughter. She will have to research and come up with conclusions. Last night, while I was researching I found this article originally shared in the NY Post. The country of Ireland basically told Subway their bread can not be considered bread, but more akin to a cookie, or snack, due to the sugar content the bread had in it. This was in regards to essential foods and a food tax break for food companies that meet the proper requirements which this sandwich bread did not. Now this particular sub roll bread had about 5 grams of sugar in it. That is just slightly over a teaspoon of sugar in the bread per serving. My favorite oat bread here in the USA has 3 grams of sugar, or just under a tsp per serving. I also checked the hamburger buns we had bought and they also had 3 grams of sugar per serving. The United States recommends that American women consume no more than 6 tsps of sugar per day. So, if I ate 2 slices of my favorite oat bread as a sandwich I would have already meat that threshold.

So, what? What is my point? My point is imagine if here in the USA we had such stringent guidelines for how much sugar, fat and other crap the food industry can put into our food, and how much the Obesity epidemic might be able to be reversed and all the chronic illnesses that go with it. Remember, this applies to carbs as well, as carbs are broken down into sugars in the digestion process. Now,, I am not advocating for Keto diets. I am currently following a low carb diet. There is a difference between Keto and Low Carb diets. So far I am having very good success, down 8 pounds already.

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