Yum Plum Barbecue Sauce!

Tuesday, I mentioned my Misfits Market box. When I was deciding to start buying their boxes, I was on their website learning about them and their mission. I went to their blog and noticed they had some recipes. I saved the plum barbecue sauce recipe not knowing I would get plums in my box. I modified the original recipe a bit to suit my needs, but I will share the original. I can’t put up nutrition info, because it wasn’t provided and I didn’t figure it out. A serving size is 2 tbsp and it really is quite delicious and makes a lot. Super easy as well, and can be modified to suit tastes and dietary needs. We had it with pork chops. The video below is quite lovely in describing how nutritious plums are. Not mentioned is that plums are a low glycemic fruit, so if you have Diabetes it could be a good option for you.

This weekend I will be sharing topics coming up next week, so be sure and check back.


You will need 6 plums. I only had 4, and I couldn’t help but share the plums on the adorable dog plates I found at Hobby Lobby over the summer. Chop up your plums into equal size pieces, and remove the pits.

1 cup of Ketchup. I only used a half cup because I am not a huge fan of Ketchup. Organic and low sodium was also what I used.

1/4 cup finely chopped shallots. I did not have shallots so I chopped up a sweet onion instead.

1/4 cup maple syrup. Usually I would have organic pure maple syrup on hand, but I did not this time, so Aunt Jemima butter syrup is what was used.

2 1/2 tsp red wine vinegar, I used Trader Joe’s organic red wine vinegar.

1 tsp smoked paprika. I did not have any paprika in the house, so it was left out.

2 tsp Dijon Mustard. I didn’t change this, just put it in. Did you know how healthy mustard is? Check back for more info

1/2 tsp each of black pepper and ground red pepper. Oh, and I almost forgot that I added a pinch of brown sugar, because I like it. You could always choose a sugar free, or lower sugar Ketchup.

Put all of the ingredients in a pan, bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes or until thickened. Let cool for 10 minutes, but I can tell you it needs to cool much longer than that like 30 minutes. Place the mixture in a blender and blend until smooth. Put in an airtight container and store in the fridge up to 2 weeks.

Enjoy! Let me know if you make it, and how you altered it and liked it. You could always make your own Ketchup, but I already buy organic Ketchup.


I will be making a vegetable barley soup, and some different pancakes in the future. So, watch for those topics to come up.

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