My son got married recently and his wife had a bouquet of Eucalyptus flowers, it smelled delightful. This piqued my interest in the flowering plant and what an amazing plant it is. Not only is it beautiful to the eye, but also has lots of medicinal uses as well. Please remember that while plants seem like a natural and safe option for treating mild ailments at home, for some people they can be dangerous. If you are pregnant, taking prescription medications, under the age of 6, or have underlying medical conditions seek the advice of your doctor before attempting use. You should always tell your doctor about any alternative treatments you are using.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is never to be ingested, and if a company is telling you to do so you may wish to rethink your relationship with that company.

Eucalyptus Oil can be inhaled via a Aromatherapy diffuser, or through a steam method. It can be applied to the skin only after being mixed into a carrier oil. See all of the videos below for uses and safety precautions. The leaves can be put in a tea, and have been used for hundreds of years for colds and the Flu.

Randomized controlled studies are the best studies that can be done. Below, you will see studies done for pain, inflammation, anxiety, and oral health. Eucalyptus can also be used for cough, congestion, and generalized muscle pain. I did not find any randomized controlled tests for those ailments, however. There are also claims that it can help lower blood sugar levels. Make a hanging Eucalyptus shower gadget for decreasing congestion, see the how to video below. I can’t wait to look for a Eucalyptus plant tomorrow when I head out to the city to shop. If you would like to learn more about using plants, and herbs for minor ailments, use the contact form at the end of the post to message me for a free meet and greet.

Disclaimer This one talks about some possible negative effects of inhaling Eucalyptus.

You will see that there are many other uses for Eucalyptus that have been studied or proven.

Make Eucalyptus tea,

Make a poulstice

Make a rubbing oil You can use any good quality eucalyptus essential oil and carrier oil. I use almond oil or coconut oil to make mine.

Important information from Poison Control,, and another,toxic%20when%20taken%20by%20mouth.

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