Self Care Sunday: Saint George Island!

We actually went on Saturday, but the post is today. Part of self care is spending time doing things you love with people you love. Just working all the time, and not truly enjoying life is not self care. Yes, we need money to survive the problem arises when money overtakes all enjoyment in life.

We love the beach, especially the ocean. We live in Florida so the beach is usually just a couple of hours away. We decided to take a small day trip each month, rather than trying to save for a big yearly trip, or as it is for us every few years. My son, his wife and their new puppy were able to join us for our trip to Saint George Island in the panhandle. This was our first time visiting the island. It is pet friendly there, and that is why the puppy was able to join us. We ate a cute restaurant and then headed to the beach which you can see from the images was beautiful. We went to the state park on the island, because it is huge and with limited capacity getting too close to people would never have happened. It is only 6 dollars a car to get in, so very affordable. There are bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers. As much as I would love to return to this place, we have made it a goal to visit different places each time. Savannah, GA is definitely on our list, once some cooler weather comes in, maybe November. I don’t know if my son and his wife will be able to come every time, but it was super nice to have them this time.

Of course we had to bring hand sanitizer, face masks, and be sure to social distance. We do not eat at places where the staff are not wearing face masks or following other protocols, matter of fact I won’t shop at these places either. There are plenty, trust me!

If you love making crafts the beach was filled with unique and beautiful shells. I didn’t collect any this time because I have so many already. I was looking for whole sand dollars, as they are huge in the panhandle area. But, I only was able to find broken pieces of ones. Walking on the beach is a great way to get in some exercise, too.

Come back tomorrow to see what my posts for the week will be about.


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