Virtual Kidney Education Class

If you have read this blog before then you know I am an American Kidney Fund Kidney Coach. This is a volunteer position and I took the class because I am passionate about increasing awareness, education and advocate for earlier testing. I had set up several in person classes, here locally where I live, but didn’t get too many participants. Not unusual in a small rural town. Just when I was going to branch out to different areas Coronavirus struck and things got paused. Then, AKF made it so we could do the classes online, instead of in person. I have my first class tomorrow. This first class is only by invite, and the class is full. It is kind of a practice session with friends. However, I will be doing 2 classes a month, more if I can. I will try to do different days and times, so as many people as want to take the class can. I will advertise the classes here, on social media and other virtual places. This first one is a Facebook event. I can’t do live video, so I will have to upload each slide and then have conversation about each slide. I will see how well that works out. I may try Skype and look at other sources also. If you would like to follow Health Buddy Melissa on Facebook, click here. Please note these kidney classes are for information only, and are no way to diagnose or give medical advice. I do not make the course, I just follow what is provided to me from AKF. I am very excited about this and hope I get good turnout for each class. I only need one person, other than me, though.