What Is A Virus, and What Happens if You Get Covid?

I have decided that each week I will be posting about updates, and info about this Coronavirus, or Covid 19. If you are out of work and you can work from home, check out Coursera’s free contact tracing course. Once you get the certificate you can apply for contact tracing jobs. As someone with CKD, and considered moderate risk at my stage, I need a backup plan for bedside nursing. Of course I hope the coaching on this blog takes off, but that is not certain enough right now. I completed the course and have started applying for contact tracing jobs.

Tomorrow I will be making some updates for my available services, and policies on this blog. Watch for my last post later this week, on the topic of a Plant-Based diet and this time phosphorus. You can see the other posts in the archives.

Below are two videos. The first one explains the basics of a Virus and how they replicate and work. The second one is Coronavirus and Covid19 specific, and is quite interesting.

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