Sweating on Sunday: My Favorite Fitness Walking Video

Updated 6/20/2021 Or one of them, lol. This one is one of the walking videos I do frequently. I like it because it is a little higher impact, which is good for bone health. This is not a beginners video. If you would like me to walk with you check out my Walking Buddy plan. You may see affiliate links in this post.

Check out my new Distance Reiki offer. Happy Father’s Day! Reiki is a great stress reliever and would make an awesome Father’s Day gift for any stressed out Dad. Watch for new updated plans soon! This week I am starting to work on a book I want to write. I have never written a book so this should be interesting. I have been thinking about it for a while, though.


Do you have chronic back pain and are tired of taking medications that may or may not work? Check out this awesome Tens Unit with conductive back brace!

Have you ever considered CBD oil for mild joint or muscle pain? This one is available in a convenient no mess roller bottle. Be sure and discuss CBD oil with your doctor.

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