Summer Heat and the Kidneys

Updated 3/7/2021: Check out my March 2021 coach giveaway. Well we were going on vacation to upstate NY where the temps were in the 70’s. Living in Florida we were sure we would be cold, so we packed some light fall type clothing. When we were half way to our destination we got a call from my FIL stating that the governor had decided that all Floridians would need to quarantine for two weeks upon entering the state. So, we decided to stay a night in NC with my sister, and then we went to South Florida, to Captiva Island for a four day mini vacay. I can absolutely tell you S FL this time of year is swealtering. While I don’t expect people who don’t have CKD to completely understand all the idiosyncrasies of keeping a body in homeostasis with kidney disease, I do expect it from my family. At any rate on Saturday it was horribly hot,and humid, with no clouds and full on sun. I think my husband was kind of annoyed because I wanted to stay in the AC the hottest parts of the day. He got over after I explained it to him, but I just find it amazing that I still have to explain things. So, that lead me to this blog post so others can understand how heat and the kidneys do not mix. Now that does not mean I don’t go out in the heat. That is not true. I mow, swim, exercise, volunteer, and work. I live a normal life just with some needed modifications to avoid the negative effects of heat, especially excessive heat and humidity. It is uber important to stay hydrated, rest if I need to, and to be diligent in recognizing symptoms of getting too hot. Dehydration, and low blood pressure are all side effects of being too hot, especially for people with CKD. Low blood pressure can be just as dangerous as high blood pressure. If you feel woozy, fatigued, or have an unsteady gait your BP may be low. Loss of Sodium through sweat is one way that BP can become low. There are times that I have to bring a salty snack with me, when I know I will be in excessive heat for a longer period of time. Tons of water also, has to be with me and available at all times. It takes some planning, but is doable.

Below are some videos, and one article all about staying healthy in the hot days of Summer. I found it quite interesting that the article focuses on people getting CKD due to Climate Change due to over heating and dehydration as temps continue to rise each year. It is not super long and definitely worth the read.

Please remember that alcohol and caffeine can worsen Dehydration, as well as sugary drinks. Avoid them at all cost especially if you have kidney disease. Certain medications can also make being in the hot sun more dangerous than for those who do not take medications.

Be safe, cool and hydrated. Take care of yourself and educate those around you as to your needs. You don’t have to give up Summer fun just because you have CKD. Check out my post I wrote on What is in Sweat to read in adjunct to the other info on this post.

I am still technically on vacation, just vacationing closer to home, which is completely OK with me. I have plenty to do. I got tons of shells while at Captiva Island and I feel the crafting bug coming on. My son is getting married at the end of July, and that is enough said, lol. I have homeschool planning to do for my daughter, as well as getting her portfolio ready for her evaluation in August. Not to mention painting and gardening that need to be done. Yep, I will be plenty busy on this vacation.

If you are interested in learning about any of my Health Coach services, please use the contact form under the videos to message me, or email me at Please remember if you are stage 3 or less, you may not need to restrict fluids or potassium, but if you are stage 4 or 5 you may need to restrict those things. It is always best to speak to your doctor about these issues when you are stage 4 or 5.



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