Don’t Step On A Scale, Measure Instead!

WordPress has a brand new editor, and this is my first time using it. Bare with me as I learn it.

Today I want to discuss the issue of weight vs body measurement. If you are like me and find the daily weight to be demoralizing. Then measuring your body instead, can be just as effective at measuring your progress and success. I have watched lots of videos, and shows, on people who have issues with food that are underweight and overweight. Both issues can be just as harmful to the body. One thing I have noticed in these shows is how easy it is for an underweight person to put on very little weight, yet they will add much needed inches of body mass to their bodies, and how overweight people may lose a modest amount of weight but lose many inches of fat off of their bodies. You can easily see how this would be a esteem boosting method of measuring someone’s success. Below you will see a video on how to properly measure your body. Keep a journal and measure weekly.

Note, if you have Heart Disease or Kidney Disease, weighing yourself weekly, or even daily may be needed to maintain optimum health for those conditions.



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