April 17th is National Cheeseball Day

Happy Friday!  Did you know that today is National Cheeseball Day?  Don’t worry neither did I.  Matter of fact there are all kinds of food observations that I had no idea about.  Below you will see links for 3 different recipes for cheeseballs.  2 for CKD and one for Diabetes.  You can adapt them to fit your needs and tastes.  I probably will make the pineapple one, as I already have that on hand.  Since so many of us are social distancing use this food holiday to have some fun with your family.  If you have kids let them help make the cheeseball and then have a family food holiday and watch a good movie.  With so many streaming options like Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus I am sure everyone can find at least one movie to watch.  I personally want to see Black Panther.  We will be doing this tomorrow night.  At least that is the plan.  So many things I plan are getting changed due to all the uncertainty going on right now.





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