Vitamin D and The Immune System

Happy Thursday!  I hope everyone is doing and feeling well.  I meant to do this post yesterday, but as I continued to read, I learned more and more about Vitamin D.  There is so much information out there about the importance of Vitamin D and the role it plays in the Immune System.  Now you know, if you read this blog, I have CKD stage 3, and I have written about the importance of Vitamin D and its role in Kidney Disease.  With the novel Coronavirus, and all the talk about possible treatments, I was curious about Vitamin D.  So many people are Vitamin D deficient, some are even calling it an epidemic.  The best way to get Vitamin D is via the sun.  With so many people avoiding sunlight and or using sunscreen and sunblock, Vitamin D deficiency has increased even more over the years.  There are only a few natural food sources of Vitamin D:  fish, egg yolk and Shiitake Mushrooms.  Some foods are fortified with Vitamin D such as cereals and orange juice.  Cod Liver Oil is an option, but yeah I am not sure about wanting to take that.  It took me a while to find some good, sort of short resources for my readers to learn about Vitamin D and the Immune System.  There is one for CKD also, just in case you wanted to learn about that too.  Vitamin D3 is available over the counter, but you should always seek advice from your doctor before you start taking new supplements just to be safe.


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