Wellness Wednesday: How To Monitor Your Family for Coronavirus

Before I get to the main topic of this post, I would like to make a few updates.  I had every intention of expanding this blog in 2020 and aggressively monitoring my Health Coaching business.  However, with everything going on with this novel virus, I have decided to postpone spending any money on new projects for this blog.  It just does not seem prudent at this time.  However, I am still accepting clients for the business, I am just not spending money on advertising and other programs.  I also am continuing with my education.  I just signed up to take a Mindfulness certificate class.  I had started one before but was not happy with the layout of the class.  This will also distract me from all the negative stuff in the media.  I already offer Reiki, Guided Imagery plus several one on one coaching options.  If you are interested in learning about any of them, use the contact form at the end of this post to message me.

I have already discussed disinfecting our home, good handwashing technique and social distancing, and how we are incorporating all of those things in our daily lives.  Now I have added a few more things to help me monitor for any Coronavirus issues in our family.  Why am I doing that?  Well, most importantly because I still have 3 working adults in my home, and acting quickly should any illness show up is very important.  As you know, if you read this blog, I have CKD.  It is vitally important that anyone who gets sick be isolated and monitored very quickly.

1-  The first, and most important thing I have now started is monitoring everybody’s temperature every single day.  A fever of 100.4 is the very first sign that something may be wrong for this new virus.  I have a forehead thermometer, but you can use any thermometer you choose.  If you take a temperature via the armpit mode, you will need to add one whole point to the result you get.  So, if an armpit temp is 99.6, adding one point would make the temp 100.6  On top of a temperature, a cough, new confusion, chest pain, and bluish lips are signs of this new covid-19 virus.

2-  We do not generally wear shoes in the house, but I have now started having each working adult clean the bottom of their shoes with a Lysol wipe as soon as they are in their car from a workday.  Eventually, we will run out of Lysol wipes, and I will have to consider how to continue this action.  All shoes are left on the front porch in the sunlight to help kill germs.  I work in health care, so I am also cleaning my car after each shift, ie the steering wheel and door handles.

3-  I am washing clothes with a 1/2 cup of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect clothes.  I put the hydrogen peroxide in the bleach option of my washing machine.

4-  If anyone gets a cough or other symptoms, we are staying away from others in the house just to be safe.  We are practicing social distancing at our workplaces as much as possible.  We will self-quarantine at home away from work if any of us get the symptoms of Coronavirus.

5-  If you need to learn how to keep a loved one in isolation, and care for them to not infect others, read about that here.

6-  I do not sew, but I do crochet.  I have crocheted a face mask and then added a cotton liner on the inside to use with my family if we need it.  You can see the image below.  This type of homemade mask is not certified to be used in medical facilities, but if you can sew and can make some for your family, it might be prudent to do so, as they are very hard to come by at this point.  I will make about 10 or so, as I can wash these, disinfect them and re-use them.  Obviously, I am hoping it does not come to need to use these.

7- If anyone in my house gets Coronavirus I will instruct them on using a garbage bag over clothes to care for the sick person.  If you can get gloves that is probably not a bad idea either, but be sure and only buy what you need.  Hoarding and buying up supplies that healthcare workers need will help no one in the long run.  If they get sick and can not care for sick people, who will do it?  Be prepared but don’t be greedy and selfish.

Be safe and take care of yourself.  Be kind to others.


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