Why You Should Be Disinfecting Your Home Every Day!

On Monday I posted about the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting.  If you read that post then you know that sanitizing does not remove all germs, especially stubborn germs.  I have CKD and I have been disinfecting my home every 24 hours.   Generally, during flu season I would do this every 5 days or if we had company.  However, now in light of this new Novel Coronavirus in order to stay safe, I am doing it every day.  I do it when I get home from work in the late evening.  If I am off I do it after my family has come home from being out and about.  I use alcohol, bleach or hydrogen peroxide.  I only use hand sanitizer when out and about and don’t have easy access to soap and water.  I will do another post on how hand sanitizer.  Soap and water are still way better for hand washing than any other option.  You see I don’t mention Lysol.  While Lysol can be effectively used, you have to use one wipe for each area you clean and it has to be left to dry before touching.  This can be very costly if you are staying up with it every day.  I do use Lysol to clean the bottom of my work shoes when I get in the car at the end of my shift, and shoes are not allowed to be worn in the house.  I have also instructed my family on washing hands with soap and water as soon as they come home, not touching their face, and other good handwashing etiquettes.  They already knew this, but now I am reminding frequently.  I am practicing social distancing as much as possible and being mindful not to touch my face when out in public.  Be sure you follow the directions completely on whatever disinfecting agent you decide to use.  I clean sinks, toilets, countertops, tabletops, and chairs,  and handles every single day.  I am not hoarding, but I am mindful of making sure I have enough supply of bleach, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  We do keep some hand sanitizer on hand just in case we need it for when we are in the public.  But, like I said I prefer handwashing with soap and water.  We have stockpiled a little bit of extra soap.  We don’t really take any prescription meds, so we don’t have to worry about that.  Hopefully, illness or quarantine will not come to our home, but I feel prepared if it does.  Financially would be a little more tricky as I do not receive sick pay at my job, but my husband does.  We homeschool, so don’t have to worry about that either.  The links below will give you good reading material on disinfecting with different products.  If you decide to use bleach it only stays stable for about 24 hours, so don’t mix up too much or it will just need to be wasted.  Also, be aware that alcohol is a great disinfectant for viruses but not so much for bacterias.







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