Wellness Wednesday: Stretches for A Stiff Neck and the Serratus Anterior

Well, as I mentioned the other day I have strained my Serratus Anterior.  A muscle I knew was there but have never felt like it had been even worked let alone strained.  Then I started doing push-ups.  As I stated I was adding one push-up per day to see how many I could do.  This was not a good idea.  But, I think it was the Diamond Push-Ups that strained the said muscle.  If you don’t know where the Serratus Anterior is located.  It is a relatively small muscle that sits under your Pecs and runs out to your side and to your armpit along the ribs.  I can assure you if you strain this muscle sneezing will feel like you died.  Pushing is not much fun either.  I think this started from an old shoulder injury that worsened since I was lifting weights, and probably had poor form due to the injury.

I mention the stiff neck and headaches because the Rhomboids are muscles at the base of your neck and upper back that help with shoulder movement.   These muscles help with shoulder movement and exercises.

As I have Kidney Disease Tylenol is the only medication recommended.  I also use peppermint oil diluted in coconut oil, or Bengay to assist with pain.  Heat helps a lot too, though some people may prefer icing the strained area.    I have a back brace that I have been wearing high up under the breast area, and this is uncomfortable but helps wonders.  The stretching, however, is what has helped the most.  The Serratus Anterior muscles have some awkward stretches so be sure and read carefully to be sure you are doing them correctly.  The Rhomboid stretches are self-explanatory.  You will find the stretches in the links below.  My ultimate point is to go slow when exercising.  Don’t rush results and give your body time to adjust to each new exercise before adding reps or weights.  Resting the area is vital to healing.




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