Moving Beyond Body Size Monday: Am I Ugly?

That is a completely rhetorical question and I am way beyond the age of caring what people think.  But, the question is a two-fold topic.  One, and most importantly, 10,000 people a month ask that question each month either by a search engine or posting to social media.  The video below is a TED talk video and you will see why I asked the question.  Two will people just look at the meme and comment without actually reading the article that goes with the meme?

We are cruel to ourselves, and we tolerate the media, other people’s opinions, and perceptions to define how we should look, feel and act.  Why do we care so much?  Why can’t we just love ourselves and be comfortable with the way we look no matter what other’s say.  Watch the video to learn more.  It is short, about 15 minutes and it is very much worth it.  This is not an affiliate post but is part of my new series on Mondays:  Moving Beyond Body Size.





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