Sweating on Sunday: Week 2 of Walking Challenge

These stats are for the week of Jan 9-15, 2020.  If you would like to join the Walking Challenge, simply walk 10,000 steps or 5 miles per day and post in the comments each week on this blog, or on my social media.  You can start anytime and just extend your year from your start date.  If you would like to check out my Walking Buddy plan, click here, scroll down to #11.   If you are interested in learning more about the challenge, or to ask about the Walking Buddy Plan, either use the contact form below, or email me at healthbuddymelissa@yahoo.com Walking can be indoors or outdoors, and attainable any way you see fit such as an Aerobics video, hiking, walking, fitness walking video, walk at work, etc.  It would be great if you walk a lot at work to add 2000 steps of non-work walking into each day.

So, how did I do for week 2?  I wear a Fitbit to keep track of my steps each day, then I add them all up at the end of the week, and divide by 7 for my daily average of walking and miles per week.  There are 2,000 steps in a mile for this challenge.  Different devices use different steps per mile.  I walked a total of 87,817 steps for the second week.  That is an average of 12,545 steps per day or an average of 6 miles per day.  So, far I am above my goal of 5 miles per day.  I hope to keep this going, of course.

Below is an indoor Fitness Walking video to help you out on cold, or rainy days, or if you just don’t enjoy walking outdoors.




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